Prog Rock Helps Travellers to a Good Spirit Sleep


Image by db Photography | Demi-Brooke via Flickr

I heard a voice announcing there would be another Crazy Train in an hour, but I didn’t want to be on it.  So I asked the others if they had any other ideas about how to leave Kerang-Kerrang in one piece.

Cathy Gets in Touch with the Wemba-Wemba Spirit

Cathy said she thought she could feel the Wemba-Wemba spirit in the area, and that if she could get a deeper contact she might be able to find a dream path out.

I thought for a little while, and then had a little brainwave; suggesting to the others that we search for the fabled Prog Rock of Kerrang, because I’d heard on the grapevine that it induces a good sleep.

Pink Floyd too Exciting for a Good Sleep

So off we went to find the Prog Rock.  It was easy to find, because there was a flying pig above lots of Animals the other side of a large Wall under the Dark Side of the Moon.

I suggested passing Pink Floyd Plaza because it seemed too exciting, and heading to the ELP-Yes Endless Lea side of town; because while the latter was excellently constructed, it seemed ideal for inducing a good sleep.

ELP – Yes Induces a Good Spirit Sleep

So on the border of ELP; under a Black Moon on Love Beach we took our places In the Hot Seat; and Yes; Close to the Edge, holding hands in Union we swept into slept until we could Fly From Here.

It was like no flight I’d experienced before.


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