Perishers Prevent Perishing Cold in Perisher Valley

The first strip from October 19, 1959.

Image via Wikipedia

I awoke adrift in a snow drift.  As I came to terms with my consciousness, and remembered the events in Kerang-Kerrang, I could see there were awesome peaks all around us.  Climbing clear out of the hole I’d made I saw Cathy and Elle were kindling a fire, while Angry was building a snowman.

I helped Angry finish off the snowman, and then we joined Cathy and Elle as they cooked up some wild vegetable broth.  But we were running out of dead wood quickly, and didn’t know if we’d have enough to finish off the meal and keep ourselves warm.

I asked if anybody knew where we were, and Cathy said it was the Perisher Valley, in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.  We had crossed over the border from Victoria during the dream.

Perishers Peruse our Parky Party

Then a few cartoon characters wandered out of the nearby forest pushing a pram and pulling a wooden buggy.  They were heading our way.

We said howdy when they got near, and asked where they were heading.

The one pulling a buggy said they were on their annual holiday from the Daily Mirror‘s Perisher cartoon, and were making their way home to Crunge after getting kicked off the train again.

He introduced himself as Wellington, and the other humans as Maisie, Marlon and Baby Grumpling.  The Old English Sheepdog was called Boot.

Perishers Save Us From Perish the Thought

Maisie said that we looked cold, and I replied that I was okay because of my grey, but the others were feeling a little chilly, and we didn’t know if we’d be able to finish off cooking our meal.

Marlon thought for a minute, before offering us his buggy, saying it wasn’t one of his most genius contraptions, and anyway,  it had seen better days.

We were overwhelmed by his generosity, and thanked him profusely before quickly dismantling it and heaping it on the bush telly.


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