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Snakes and Ladderless Holes for Snaggin Smiggin

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Just as I prepared myself for a long fall into a deep chasm, the hole suddenly moved to the left, and I fell head first into a muddy puddle.  I didn’t even have my emerald cork hat on to cushion my fall!

Smiggin Holes is Down in a Hole

When I’d cleared my view and sat up, I saw that the hole had moved under where Smiggin had stood and the holiculturist was nowhere to be seen.

Cathy was sitting by the side of the hole, and I joined her along with our other travel companions.

Smiggin was sitting at the bottom of the hole it had itself created; looking disconsolate but still clutching some of its green hoard.

Cathy Keeps Quiet about Snagging Smiggin

We left the hole and I asked Cathy how she’d turned the hat into a snake and moved the hole.

She said that we all have our own special powers, and they wouldn’t be special if everybody knew about them.

Being a shape-shifting, chameleonic one-half of a legendary vegetarian werewolf I just had to agree with her, and left it at that.


Hat-trick to Hole in Smiggin Holes

Hat-trick to Hole in Smiggin Holes
An Emerald Tree Boa, Corallus caninus

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I could see no way of regaining my hat, and mentioned this to Cathy.  She said that’s not the spirit, before going into a deep trance.

Snake Scares Smiggin Senseless

A minute later, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but luckily Smiggin did.  Because the emerald hat suddenly turned into a snake, and Smiggin quickly threw it into the air.

It flew a few feet, opening up into a full ten foot length, before coiling back and once again becoming the emerald cork hat I’d grown to know and love.  I dived to regain it, and  grabbed it barely a foot off the ground.

Smiggin Creates another Hole

I saw some leaves and muddy earth below me, and was looking forward to a soft landing, but then the ground opened up.

I heard a cackle, and looked over at Smiggin, who had regained its composure.  By the look on its face, smirking Smiggin had obviously used its ghastly powers to open up another hole below where I was about to land.

The holiculturist had done itself proud with this one, and it was much deeper than the last.  I faced falling into a hole from which I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to  emerge.

Smiggin Holes Reveals its Secrets

Green Swap - What I sent

I asked for my emerald cork hat back off the creature, and it seemed to be handing it over to me, but then it grabbed it back, saying, ‘no, no, it’s mines, mines, it’s Smiggin’s hat.’

Magic of the Emerald Cork Hat

I tugged at the hat, but couldn’t break it free from Smiggin’s grip.  While we were grappling over the hat, heaps of other green objects fell from its person; I don’t know where they all came from.

I lost my concentration, and the next thing I was falling.  I landed a few feet down in a hole that had just opened up below me.

Elle helped me out of the hole, using her body to great effect, and I looked at Smiggin; I guessed that was what its name was.  It cackled and smirked.

The Case of Smiggin Holes is Solved

I asked if it had anything to do with the hole, and I didn’t want to hear any literary nonsense from it.

Angry said that the ability to create holes would explain the second part of the name, Smiggin Holes.

It all made sense now.  I congratulated Angry on good use of his mind.

Wizard of Oz’s Metamorphosis into Lord of the Rings

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After eating our fill of veggie broth we had a good night’s kip snuggled up in a huddle under a puddle sky.  We packed up and cleared away in the morning, before following the dust sandy road in the direction of Smiggin Holes.

Strange Happenings in Smiggin Holes

As we entered the forested valley on the approach to Smiggin Holes, I thought I could see a humanish shape following us.

Elle was walking beside me, and I asked if she’d seen something.  She confirmed my suspicions, saying she had seen movement parallel to us for some time.

Smiggin Holes Snatches my Hat

We entered the forest half an hour later, and I thought the shape was drawing nearer to us.

Then I felt something snatch at my head, and my emerald cork hat was gone.

Elle Races after the Hat Trickster

I was bewildered by the bonce burglary, but Elle saw it coming, and was after the viperous varmint before I had time to react.

We set off after them, and after a few dozen trees and a couple of ridges, we caught up with them.

Elle was holding the hobbitish creature by the scruff of the neck.  It was holding the emerald cork hat close to its chest, and repeating over and over ‘my precious, my precious, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s Smiggin’s hat, all mine…’

Perishers Adopt Angry’s Dog

Old English Sheepdog-Nana

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The bush telly was sparked into new life by Marlon’s buggy, and the veg broth was cooking nicely again.

Angry’s Dog Gets the Boot

The next thing, Angry’s dog ran over to Boot, and they took to each other just like Grizzly Bear Adams and Ben.

They seemed inseparable in no time, so I felt sorry for them when Marlon said they’d have to get off, as it was getting dark.

Angry’s Dog Finds a New Family

But then Angry said it looked like his dog had found a new home, and told the kids to look after it.

Angry’s dog looked like it had mixed emotions at this: sadness to be leaving us, but joy at continuing to be with its new friends.

Beware the Smiggin Holes

As they left, Marlon warned us to beware the Smiggin Holes if we were heading east, as there was some weird poo going on down there.

His warning sent a shiver down my spine, as that was the direction I could see the dust sandy road leading.