Perishers Adopt Angry’s Dog

Old English Sheepdog-Nana

Image via Wikipedia

The bush telly was sparked into new life by Marlon’s buggy, and the veg broth was cooking nicely again.

Angry’s Dog Gets the Boot

The next thing, Angry’s dog ran over to Boot, and they took to each other just like Grizzly Bear Adams and Ben.

They seemed inseparable in no time, so I felt sorry for them when Marlon said they’d have to get off, as it was getting dark.

Angry’s Dog Finds a New Family

But then Angry said it looked like his dog had found a new home, and told the kids to look after it.

Angry’s dog looked like it had mixed emotions at this: sadness to be leaving us, but joy at continuing to be with its new friends.

Beware the Smiggin Holes

As they left, Marlon warned us to beware the Smiggin Holes if we were heading east, as there was some weird poo going on down there.

His warning sent a shiver down my spine, as that was the direction I could see the dust sandy road leading.


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