Wizard of Oz’s Metamorphosis into Lord of the Rings

Gollum eating a fish.

Image via Wikipedia

After eating our fill of veggie broth we had a good night’s kip snuggled up in a huddle under a puddle sky.  We packed up and cleared away in the morning, before following the dust sandy road in the direction of Smiggin Holes.

Strange Happenings in Smiggin Holes

As we entered the forested valley on the approach to Smiggin Holes, I thought I could see a humanish shape following us.

Elle was walking beside me, and I asked if she’d seen something.  She confirmed my suspicions, saying she had seen movement parallel to us for some time.

Smiggin Holes Snatches my Hat

We entered the forest half an hour later, and I thought the shape was drawing nearer to us.

Then I felt something snatch at my head, and my emerald cork hat was gone.

Elle Races after the Hat Trickster

I was bewildered by the bonce burglary, but Elle saw it coming, and was after the viperous varmint before I had time to react.

We set off after them, and after a few dozen trees and a couple of ridges, we caught up with them.

Elle was holding the hobbitish creature by the scruff of the neck.  It was holding the emerald cork hat close to its chest, and repeating over and over ‘my precious, my precious, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s Smiggin’s hat, all mine…’


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