Snakes and Ladderless Holes for Snaggin Smiggin

Viktor Vasnetsov. Alenushka.1881 Oil on canvas...

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Just as I prepared myself for a long fall into a deep chasm, the hole suddenly moved to the left, and I fell head first into a muddy puddle.  I didn’t even have my emerald cork hat on to cushion my fall!

Smiggin Holes is Down in a Hole

When I’d cleared my view and sat up, I saw that the hole had moved under where Smiggin had stood and the holiculturist was nowhere to be seen.

Cathy was sitting by the side of the hole, and I joined her along with our other travel companions.

Smiggin was sitting at the bottom of the hole it had itself created; looking disconsolate but still clutching some of its green hoard.

Cathy Keeps Quiet about Snagging Smiggin

We left the hole and I asked Cathy how she’d turned the hat into a snake and moved the hole.

She said that we all have our own special powers, and they wouldn’t be special if everybody knew about them.

Being a shape-shifting, chameleonic one-half of a legendary vegetarian werewolf I just had to agree with her, and left it at that.


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