Australia’s Greytest Travellers Reach the Capital

Canberra, ACT

Image by KLW NFC via Flickr

We left Smiggin Holes where it was, and headed east on the dust sandy road.  I thought we’d left the Lord of the Rings influence behind, but that was nonsense, because I was reminded of it again when we stopped for supper: a berry dal in Berridale.

Can Berryer in Canberra

We were berry impressed with the amount of berries in the dal, and it made us all feel much berrter after our Smiggin Holes ordeal.

So we thought we’d try to go through the pain berryer; making a long endurance journey just for another type of berry.  Angry suggested trying Canberra, as he thought we could berryer there.

And you know what, he was right, you can berryer in Canberra; I thought it was a great use of Angry’s mind.

It didn’t take long before we were berrying an incrediberryble Canberra can of berries down into our bellies.  I don’t know what type the Canberra berries were, maybe cranberries with the r left out, but they sure did taste good.

Missing Dairymans Plains Makes me Complains

We headed back down south once our berry ballooned bellies had settled down, but we made slow progress, and it was getting late as we approached Cooma.

I’d been regretting our decision not to sidetrack a little to Dairymans Plains, as it sounded good for a  pint of milk, piece of cheese, creamy yoghurt or raspberry ripple.  And there’d probably be more berries in the raspberry ripple?

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