East Coast View Suggests Journey’s End Nears?

Bucky Badger 2003-Present

Image via Wikipedia

Once they’d finished their banjo duel, Angry shook the badger’s hand and introduced himself.  The badger said it went by the name of Badge.  It’s parents emerged from their sett then, and Badge introduced them as Brock and Brocc.

Staying Dry in Dampier

Angry mentioned that we were having trouble finding our way through the forest, and Badge said ‘it was no surprise, as many people read that it is a small forest, but that is literary nonsense; it is a big place.’  We agreed.

Brock said they’d been expecting us, after the badgers of the Badginarra National Park had told them we were on our way.  Then he offered us a badger barge they had, and said it would see us through the forest.

We were overjoyed at this, and Angry gave them his guitar in return.  Several other badgers came out to see us off, badgering and barging one another to get to the front.

Barging Through Dampier

We had a wonderful time barging through Dampier, and it was nothing like the experience those poor people had in the film Deliverance, which I’d half suspected we might suffer after the duelling banjos reminded me of the film.

We reached higher ground  in the late afternoon, and after having a gander in Nerrigundah Elle thought she could see the east coast.  I thought it was a good use of her body.

I also wondered if reaching the east coast, all this time after starting off on the south-west coast, might be a sign that this journey may be nearing its end.  I felt melancholy and optimism course through my veins, fuse in my heart, and surge upwards to mind.


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