Bungee to Bingie Begins with a Bee

Orbs of Art

Image by Kiifu via Flickr

The others stirred soon after, and Angry asked what all the racket was about.  I explained about the bungees from Bingie, thinking he may get angry about their early morning high jinx, but he straight away pointed out that they were bungeeing from the north, so why didn’t we ask if we could hitch a lift on their bungees.  I thought it was a great use of his mind.

Can You Ride Tandem

So when the next bungee jumpers appeared from the north we asked if we could hitch a lift up to Bingie.  They said no problem, and that they’d arrange for four tandem bungees to be sent down next time.

So we packed up our gear, including a few spare spuds, and waited for our lifts.  It was only a fifteen minute wait before we saw four bungees appear over the horizon, and a few seconds later they reached their destination just in front of us.

Bungee to Bingie with a Bee

It was a bit of a mad scramble, but we all got onto a bungee, and the next thing we were flying through the air on our way to Bingie.  It was only when I was on the bungee that I realised the pilot was a bee.

It was really exhilarating, but didn’t take long, and ended too quickly for my liking.  We all landed brilliantly in Bingie.  They had a great landing site full of grey orbs on green grass, and I wondered if they’d been expecting me!


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