Swan Lake Dolphin Tale Tragedy

Bottlenose Dolphins

Image by Peter Nijenhuis via Flickr

We moored on the edge of Swan Lake, and I changed into human form to go into Cudmirrah with the other people.  Barry and family were happy to lounge in the lake.

Swan Lake Cudmirrah

On the edge of town a man approached us and said he was a royal, who was about to harpoon me when I was a dolphin, but then saw me change into a human, and now he’d fallen in love with me.

I had just read up on Swan Lake, and this  was beginning to mirror the plot a little too much for my liking.

Breaking the Swan Lake Spell

So I said I was just passing through, and although very flattered, wouldn’t be able to spend any time with him.  He seemed a little disappointed, but accepted it.

We continued into Cudmirrah, which is a lovely town in a beautiful setting, and stocked up on provisions for the onward journey.

We returned to the lake and set off.  We were about to leave the lake and head out to open sea when we saw the ‘royal’ dive into the far end of the lake.  An older woman was shouting ‘Prince Siegfried, no, don’t do it, come back.’

A Tragedy in Swan Lake

I was stunned, not believing my own eyes, and didn’t really want to get involved anyway.  But Barry said he had to do something.  So he untied his harness, and his wife and children said they wanted to go along too.

They swam back towards where Prince Siegfried had entered the water, but as they rose out of the water and into the air, half-way there, a cry of ‘Kill Kalbarri Barry’ preceded a salvo of harpoons landing all around our dolphin friends.

I broke free of my harness and set off to look for Barry and family, but half-way there I saw them ascending into the sky, clicking and smiling with love just the same as when they’d played in the water; it was a scene straight out of Swan Lake, literally and metaphorically.


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