Swan Lake must be a Tragedy, knew Barry

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I returned to the others with a heavy heart, hardly believing what I had just witnessed.  Barry and his bottlenose family wiped out just like that.

Losing Friends and Family

I remembered our first meeting in Kalbarri, all those months ago, and over the other side of the continent.

I ploughed through an ocean that seemed suddenly against me; sending its arrow-sharp waves to batter my bonce, and impede my return to where I did not want to go.

It was in complete contrast to the morning, when the same sea had seemed to lift me through the waves with energy, love and vibrancy; but to what it must not have known.

Maybe it now shared my mourning, or blamed me as I blamed myself.

I did feel somehow responsible.  If we hadn’t met in Kalbarri, and again in Bingie, maybe Barry would still be making his way up the east coast with the rest of the family.

And then I’d been thinking grand thoughts more suited to Green than me; had I overstepped my boundaries?

Body, Mind and Spirit Rescue the Situation

My trepidation increased as I approached the others, still not knowing how I would tell them the terrible news.

When I had nearly reached the raft, Cathy jumped in the ocean, and swam to me.  I was about to tell her the news, when she said it was okay, they already knew that Barry and family had left us; she had also seen them rising into the air.

It lifted my spirits and lightened my load as I climbed up to join the others in the raft.  I told them what had happened and Angry said it was meant to be; Barry had told him in Cudmirrah that Swan Lake must be a tragedy.

Knowing that Barry had accepted the inevitability of the tragedy made my feel better, and I was thankful to Angry for a good use of his mind.

Then I asked them what we should do now, without Barry and family to pull us.  Elle said she was feeling strong, and would join me in the harness to pull the raft.  I thought it would be an incredibly helpful use of her body, and quickly thanked her.

Having decided our futures, we rested for a few hours and thought of our lost friends.


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