Spit the Dog Retired and Reserved in Sydney

Spit The Dog

Image by tim ellis via Flickr

We continued north to the Opera House, where we felt like proper tourists, and not bedraggled travellers from another dimension.  We found a Sydney map there, and one place stood out straight away: the Spit Reserve.  I was a big fan of Spit the Dog in Tiswas, and thought that must be where it now resided.

Crossing the Harbour Bridge to the Spit Reserve

So we made our way across Harbour Bridge to the north, with great views of starry Little Sirius Cove below. Pebbles glinted in the sunshine like stars on a clear night.

Mosman reminded me of that Mothman creature I met while one half of the Greenygrey on our epic ramble across North America.

Spit the Dog in the Spit Reserve

Spit Road led to the Spit Reserve, and I was very impressed with how respected Spit the Dog was here.

Entering the Spit Reserve was like every Spit the Dog fan’s dream, as there were dozens of its offspring all enjoying a lazy life.

They seemed very laid back compared to the original Spit the Dog, with not much spitting going on at all; I guess the passing of time in such comfortable surroundings had mellowed the spitline out.


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