Sirens Sound Sweet to Me, but not Cathy

Mona Vale Head (#73)

Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

We awoke on the sand
between sea and land
of the rising sun
I have much to learn.

We had a quick brekkie before setting off.  A swirling wind picked up off Mona Vale port, sounding like Vale Park when the Valiants are losing.

At the end of the morning we passed Dolphin Bay, and I thought of Barry and family.  I wished they were with us to see it.

I was cheered somewhat by Cheero Point and a little more by Little Wobby.

The Tug Under Norah Jones Siren

The going got tough as we passed parallel to Tuggerah Lake, as the current tugged us towards the coast as if trying to tie us together; which is a tad tongue-twister.  I was beginning to weaken, and Elle took up most of the strain, which I thought was a great use of her body.

We’d just recovered from that when we heard some beautiful music lilting over to us from Norah Head.  The songs seemed to be saying sweet nothings like: ‘Love Me Tender’, ‘Thinking About You’, ‘Come Away With Me’ and ‘Until The End’.

I started swimming towards them, and Elle followed my lead.  The next thing, Cathy had dived in and was putting ear-plugs in our ears.  The spell was broken; it had all been nonsense, and when Cathy whispered Siren in my left ear I knew what had happened.  I was extremely grateful that Cathy had been on the same spirit level.


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