Yahoo Flight Between Detours Left and Right

English: Yahoo! headquarters

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I screamed, ‘Thirtieth time lucky!’ as we left Boomerang Beach and headed north over Elizabeth Beach once more.

We flew the Lakes Way,
knowing its outlay,
like night and day.

Yahoo! over Yahoo Island

It was all systems go, as Elle decided it was time to act, and we were primed to respond. She chose the Booti Booti National Park to kick the plan into action, leaning as much to the left as possible. We all followed her over to that side.

We flew above and beyond Green Point, and seemed to have escaped the coastal cycle. We all exclaimed yahoo! over Yahoo Island. Green Point grew smaller every minute, and Boomerang Beach soon faded out of sight.

Wall in Gate Changes Our Plan

We were free-flying now, but just as we began to relax and enjoy the view, we saw a massive wall in a gate over Wallingat National Park. It would surely be the end of us if we crashed into it.

Elle had seen the danger and jumped over to the right; we quickly followed. Our timely team effort managed to change our course just a few feet before we would have crashed into the wall.

Flying North-East, for a while at Least

We were now flying north-east, and a north-easterly wind kept our elevation steady for quite some time. Maybe our luck was changing. We turned past Tuncurry in a hurry, and went even faster over Forster.

But then the wind dropped, and I got cramp in my rump; I was like a dead-weight blowing in the breeze, dragging the team down. We descended at pace, and the next thing we crash-landed into the Ocean Dreaming Rainforest Resort on the edge of Red Head. The others all had red heads after the bumpy plunge, but they said mine was still grey.


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