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AB/DC is born

No Bull

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We had a great feast that night, and enjoyed the reunion immensely. Angry seemed to be enjoying himself getting to know us all, and really came out of his shell after a few hours of fun.  He even sang a few songs towards the end of the night.

Night of Celebration

Bonzo accompanied Angry on the bagpipes for one, and Elle danced wildly to the jolly tunes.  Everybody seemed entranced by the music and dancing, and especially King Scote.

Elle later said she’d enjoyed the music very much and that she hoped they would have plenty of time to create more music when we returned to the road, and that Angry and Bonzo could even become a band.

AB/DC is Born

Elle suggested Angry Bonzo / Dandelion Cordial would be a good name, and everybody agreed it was a wonderful choice.

Angry suggested we could call it AB/DC for short, and speaking no bull, everybody thought that was another great idea.

By the end of the night we felt like we were blood brothers and sisters slipping away from the city blues on a once in a lifetime opportunity with nothing to lose.

All the music made me feel quite creative, so I think I’ll end with a little ditty of my own:

With a musical spirit
I thought we’d make it
we had the body and mind
sung our troubles behind
more adventures to come
maybe somebody’s gonna drum.


Bonzo Banishes Bagpipes Bafflement

The Ashes Urn

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Walk this way
Kingscote sway
me and Angry
down the beach
until out of reach
of the neighbours
and hard labours.

Elle saw us coming and rushed off the beach to meet us.  She said she’d been worried about me and was glad to see me back in one piece.

I replied that I was already only one half, remembering my green other ‘arf, but I was indeed still in one half piece.

Elle chuckled and said, ‘Well, if you’re going to be pedantic, it’s good to see all your grey self again.  I would love to meet your green other ‘arf one day, and you all together as one greenygrey, but I’ve only known you as Grey.’

‘Thank you kind Elle’, I replied, ‘I should have been more understanding, and especially at this joyous moment, and I do dearly wish that one day you will meet me as one half of the complete Greenygrey.’

Then one of the little penguins recognised Bonzo’s travel companions and let him know.  Bonzo quickly lay down the bagpipes and sprinted over, looking very excited.

I introduced Angry to the others once everything had settled down, and asked how things had been going here.

They said everything had been wonderful, and they’d been shown great hospitality by King Scote and all the others.

I asked Bonzo what all the noise was about, and he said that the little penguins had enjoyed playing the new sport of AusRuIcket he’d taught them that they’d presented them to him.  They’d also burnt another set, and would play a tournament for them every year called the ARIshes.

I asked where the penguins had got the bagpipes from, and Bonzo said that it was like me: a bit of a grey area that went back a long time.

But little penguin legend said that they were brought over by a Rockhopper a long time ago.  They also provided the Bonz with a video to practise with:

Thanks to Big Robbo at MamasFallenAngels for inspiring the idea to put this video here, after he put it up on the site just after I’d done the last blog with Bonzo first playing the bagpipes.

Hiking Angry gives Inkling of Discography Illuminosity

Cover of "Scarred For Life"

Cover of Scarred For Life

As we walked back to meet the others we saw an Assault and Battery, and it inspired Angry to sing that it felt good to be Out Of This Place, but he intended to heed All The Lessons he’d learnt, and as for any pent-up feelings: he’d just Let It Go.

I said that was probably a good attitude, as otherwise he could be Scarred For Life, and that inspired Angry to sing that he had a feeling It’s Gonna Work Itself Out, and if we’re not bothered Who’s Got The Cash We Can’t Be Beaten.

By the time we approached King Scote and the others I felt I’d got to know Angry and his background quite well, and thought that it’d be great to have him join us on our ozramble.

The first sound that reached our lugs was that of bagpipes, and I was shocked to find that it was none other than Bonzo who was playing them.

I couldn’t wait to find out the story behind that…

Time Travelling Trio Return to Modern Adelaido

The Old Gum Tree

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We joined in with the crows victory celebrations, and congratulated the redbacks on a great game, and commiserated with them for their narrow defeat.  They didn’t seem too disheartened, and all their team sportively clapped us off using all eight legs.

We changed back into our normal shapes once off the field, and headed over towards where we remembered Theold Gumtree had been.  But as we drew nearer we came to a steep slope we couldn’t recall, and we had to break into a run it was such a decline.  It was also more slippery than it looked, and soon we were sliding and skidding at an ever greater speed.  We tried to stay on our feet as long as possible, but in the end all fell into each other and toppled down the muddy hill like a tangled ball.

We fell for what seemed like an age, and thought we might never stop, but in the end we did begin to slow down, and then Elle brought us to a standstill by grabbing Bonzo and me.  Bonzo turned around to me from her right arm and declared: she’s got balls!

When we got up we saw we were back on the dust sandy road, and as we dusted ourselves off we saw there was just the old gum tree with a historical display where we thought Theold Gumtree had been.

New Free Poem: Time will make you Wait…


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Time will make you Wait, and never be Late

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
time waits for nobody
even in a state of stagnancy
in an old world strange city.

Crows can fly
redbacks scurry by
if they fought beyond WHY?
which one would die?
It’s a dilemma, my oh my,
could easily induce a cry?

How long does ice take to become meltable?
no, their choice is more  hypothetical
than some real world conundrum
that is scientifically measurable.

We cannot help, or advise,
for our words would become lies
in a land where time waits for no-one
and only flies when it’s having fun.

Alice Springs, We Sings and the Wallaroo Symbs

Wallaroo Joey sleeping

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‘Come along off the road,’ advised Alice, ‘you all look plum pole-axed piqued out.  And the ghangiant  will be along soon, and you don’t want to be around when it turns up.’

We didn’t like the sound of the ghangiant, and had had enough drama for the week, or even a human or wolf lifetime…but not quite enough for a greenygrey, as we live forever.  It would take Hollywood a thousand years to create enough drama to fit into a greenygrey eon.

Alice sprang ahead, and we followed as quickly as we could.   Spring, spring, spring we sprang; springing sprightly we span, sending sand sunny side up. 

We reached the edge of town, and Alice stopped at a watering hole for a drink.  She invited us to quench our thirst too:  ‘Come drink at this spring, it’ll make you sing.’ 

The water sure did taste sweet, and the next thing we knew, Bonzo was singing Have a Drink on Me.  Elle then started singing Waltzing Matilda, before Warren Zevon‘s Werewolves of London cornered my cerebral cortex (nailed my noggin) and a rousing rendition that I didn’t think I was capable of burst out of my mouth.

‘Why, I haven’t heard such sweet singing for a long while.’  I looked around to see a macropod approaching in a scene that symbolised everything that was great about Greenygrey’s Rambles to me. 

‘Hello Wally Mac,‘ exclaimed Alice, what brings roo to these parts.

Alice Springs out of the Desert

Alice Springs Outback Sunset

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MiMo Moby told us to watch after ourselves, and to keep on the straight path.  We faced great danger ahead of us, but we could pull through if we kept it all together.  After that, he shot off into the stratosphere.

We continued south, and it didn’t get much easier for us, as dust storms swirled and the wind howled.

In the west, it looked like hell, with the ghosts of the ancients moaning on crucifixes and burning at stakes.  Massive industrial buildings seemed to contain a mixture of slave human labour and battery animals, all living cramped and degrading lives.

And it was no better in the east, with people looking like they’d been freshly stoned to death or thrown to their deaths.  There was slave labour still going on there, and animals were being cut and drained without anaesthetic.

It wasn’t difficult to keep to the path with all that going on either side of us, but it was also upsetting, so we tried to shut our eyes and pretend it wasn’t going on.

Poor Bonzo was singing Gimme a Bullet to Bite On, while Elle was worried her body wasn’t going to be strong enough to get her through.

We were just about out on our feet, when suddenly a woman sprang out of the red sunset and into the road.  She introduced herself as Alice.

Bunyip Shennanigans and Shining Emeralds Go Moby

ABORIGINAL MYTHS. - THE BUNYIP (caption) - pho...

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We continued south, into the baking heat, with no life visible anywhere.  But then we saw another figure in the distance that looked to be moving.  It grew larger as we approached, and in the end we could make it out as a bunyip.

The Bunyip Asks Us to Call a Ball

We stopped at its feet and I asked what a fine example of a bunyip was doing so far away from the nice wet swamps in the arid Australian outback.

It looked at us with mischievous eyes, and ignored my question.

Instead, it invited us to play a game.  It rolled three different coloured balls onto a fold-out table: one was green, one red and another pink. 

It said that if we chose one colour each we’d get a different prize each: the prizes were green dye; a family home and a new body.

Discussion and Deliberation Leads to Decision

The three of us looked at each other, and then got in a huddle.

We said it looked an inviting offer, and I said I’d really like some green dye, to make myself look greenygrey again.

Bonzo said he’d like a ready made family home; somewhere to provide security for him for when he settles down.

Elle said she’d like a new body, as she’d lost all confidence in herself as a person.

So we thought we’d go for it, and decided that the green ball would be the dye, the red the house and the pink the body.

Bunyip Shennanigans Leads to Return of MiMo Moby

So we chose our three balls, but then the bunyip revealed that each prize was the opposite to what we wanted.

I’d won a house, but didn’t need one as I wanted to return back to blighty; Bonzo had won a new body but it was happy to be a scottie, and Elle had won a family house when she didn’t want to live in the desert.

So we started to swap, but then the bunyip intervened, saying there was a forfeit for exchanging the prizes.

The cost for three swaps was a hat. 

We only had the emerald cork hat, which was said to have magic powers, but we hadn’t seen any yet.

So I took the hat off and said shine now you crazy emerald, or forever hold your peace. 

And with that MiMo Moby appeared in the air above us.  He said that was no bunyip, it was the Monotonous Monotheist of the East, and the prizes were things it thought we could not resist.

With that, the bunyip suddenly turned into the MoMo we’d seen at Meekatharra, and let out a blood curdling chant.

The Kimberley Hosts Robin Hood Scenery


After the exciting phone call with Green we felt refreshed, and made good progress across the long desert miles in the morning.  We made it to Broome by lunchtime and had a nice dip in Beagle Bay, before a bbq lunch with our  beagle hosts.  Many were recuperating there after surviving smoking tests, and had the odd wheeze and cough.

After bidding the beagles bonjour Del Boy style, on our way out of Broome we saw a broom seller, and Bonzo said we should buy one, as they were going pretty cheaply, and it might come in handy later. 

Then when we got to Fitzroy Crossing, a bull called Fitzroy blocked our way on a log bridge by waving a staff around.  He said: ‘Nobody can cross Fitzroy in daylight’, and challenged us to a duel.

Bonzo exploded into a tirade that was like something out of an AC/DC back catalogue, screaming that he didn’t have time for Beating Around the Bush with a Cold Hearted Man, and said If You Want Blood You Got It before lobbing the broom at Fitzroy.  The broom flew through the air and hit Fitzroy’s eye with a bullseye, knocking him off the log and into the river below.  Bonzo said it sure was Shoot to Thrill and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap were quite fun.

We crossed the river, and a fair maiden welcomed us at the other side.  She said her name was Kimberley, and this land was named after her.  It was not difficult to see the resemblance, and as we passed into what looked like a kind of enchanted wilderness, the scenery was so nice we might have thought we’d arrived in heaven if we believed in those kinds of things.  It was even greenygrey in places. 

Lennard River

Rocking it at the Rock-It Festival in Perth, West Australia


Sancho and Don said they were off to the Rock-It festival in Perth, and invited me along, and I didn’t need a second invite. I felt like I needed a bit of fun after a tough time in Latham, and they seemed to be in the same situation having just escaped Cervantes. 

Rock-It Festival in Perth  

We had a bit of a tough time finding the Joondalup area where Rock-It is held, and had to do a bit of a loop around the neck of the Swan River. 

Black Swan on the Swan River, Perth Western Au...

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However, once we were there it was great. It was a really relaxing and fun atmosphere, and really rocked. 

Airbourne played a storming opening set, Rose Tattoo played a great slide guitar fuelled bluesy show, and Bon Scott era AC/DC just ripped the place up with a headlining bad boy boogie act that just oozed rock n’ roll. 

Cover of "Let There Be Rock"

Cover of Let There Be Rock


Relaxing on Rotto: Rottnest Island 

We were rather hot and sweaty after the show, so we headed out to Rottnest Island, or Rotto as it is known locally. 

A stitched panorama of a rainbow over Thomson ...

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There was certainly nothing rotten about it, and we enjoyed the beautiful beaches on the traffic free island. 

We were joined by some quirky quokkas: animals that are to kangaroos what greenygreys are to werewolves. They were lots of fun, and provided great company before we fell asleep under the rising sun.