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Werewolf of Oz Last Post and Published


The Werewolf of Oz has now been edited, improved and digitally published on:



Grey has returned to the Greenygrey world, and reunited with Green as the Greenygrey. There is further discussion about the Werewolf of Oz today on the blog, and this will continue for the foreseeable future, with the transformation from blog to book explained.

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Thanks for following the epic Ozyssey, or just visiting for the first time, and I thoroughly hope you continue popping into the Greenygrey world.


First Half is Such a Laugh…for a Redback Giraffe

Flag of South Australia featuring the Piping S...

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Time had seemed to stand still, as if we were frozen in time, but then we all looked up, and saw the Marauder t-shirts we were wearing.  We seemed to all remember in unison that Black footed Rock Wally B had said they might come in handy in South Australia.  We all looked at each other with a relieved knowing grin, and exclaimed: ‘Of course, crows are birds, and the Marauder t-shirt has a picture of a bird, so the crows will win.’

Betting on Birds for our own Time

We rushed over to Theold Gumtree
and said we’ll wager our timesanity
on crows to beat redbacks
and then we’ll make tracks
back to our own place in history…

The Game is Played after Timewager is Laid

The game started and it was a great spectacle, with thousands of crows and redbacks supporters on each side of the ground cheering on their teams.  The biggest contingent of redbacks supporters seemed to be giraffes, while most crows fans were llamas.

The redbacks took an early lead when Redgrave buried the ball between the posts.  They soon extended their lead through Reddin, which created a cacophony of noise from the redback end.  Just before half-time, Redburn seemed to fan the flames of our misfortunes when it extended the redbacks lead.

Will Grey Save the Crow Day?

We almost thought all was lost, but I thought I spotted a weakness in the redbacks defence: that they were open to attack from above, and that the crows should use their aerial prowess to their advantage, instead of playing it on the ground.

And at almost the same time I remembered my ability to shape-shift, and told the others I was off to join the Crows.  They wished me luck, after reminding me our place in time rested on my performance.

So I shape-shifted into a crow, and flew down to the pitch.

I squawked my views on second-half play,
told them it was vital to our right of way,
and volunteered as shape-shift Crow Grey,
to join the all-engrossing sporting fray.

They accepted my offer and I lined up for the second half…

Indigo Birds are Intuitive

An Indigo Bunting, Passerina cyanea, on a plant.

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We left the land of Blue
without much further ado
I would like to tell you more
but fear it would be a bore.

Indigo Birds on Indigo Mushrooms

We entered the land of Indigo, in one go.

As we walked through a lea meadow filled with indigo plants, two birds flew over our heads and landed on a couple of lactarius indigo mushrooms.  I noticed that both had indigo plumage and three eyes.

One of the birds flung out its wings and chirped: ‘I am an indigo bunting called Ajna, and this is my friend, an indigobird called Chakra VI.  We would like to welcome you to the land of Indigo.  Our friends, we have been watching you pass through, and we hope you have been enjoying the journey.  We believe you are looking for Black Footed Rock Wally B.’

‘Yes, that’s right,’ Elle replied, we were advised of that by Heath Goanna.

Indigo Birds are Intuitive

Chakra VI smiled, before singing to us:  ‘Yes, my friends, we think you are nearing the meeting now.  You will pass through the land of Indigo in peace, but this is not the setting to encounter Wally B.  That is as far as we can see, and please enjoy the rest of your indigo journey.’

With that, both indigo birds flew off into the brilliant sky, as we thanked them, bade them farewell and fantastic flight. 

We continued through Indigo in peace, until we could see violet flowers spreading across the horizon. 

We looked forward to reaching the end of the Rainbow Valley, and our meeting with Wally B.