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Werewolf of Oz Last Post and Published


The Werewolf of Oz has now been edited, improved and digitally published on:



Grey has returned to the Greenygrey world, and reunited with Green as the Greenygrey. There is further discussion about the Werewolf of Oz today on the blog, and this will continue for the foreseeable future, with the transformation from blog to book explained.

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Saying Goodbye, and Finding a New Path

English: Brisbane as seen from Kangaroo Point.

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After everybody and everything had their bellies full of buns, Emily and Brian addressed us all; it was nice of them to give us a house.

They also said the locality would now be known as Brisbane, and the region would be called Queensland; in memory of those who had taken part in the battle. They ended by thanking us for freeing Brian from his bane.

The Army Disperses

It was then time to say goodbye to my old friends and comrades, as they departed for home. Captain Dec and Dai were taking Dig, Aus, Vombat and the Collies back to Western Australia, and the cetaceans were swimming that way too. There were of course lots of hugs, and that’s all I’m prepared to write here.

After they left, Emily asked us what we were doing next. I had seen the dust sandy path leading inland, but told Emily I didn’t know if we were still meant to follow it, now that she and Brian were reunited.

Emily said it looked like the dust sandy path was heading their way… to Emerald.

She invited us along,
and it felt right to go,
for in her I could see a glow;
she hadn’t been wrong yet!

Life of Brian’s Bane below Brisbane

Monty Python's Life of Brian

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We rushed into the cave, and hurtled through the narrow passages as if time was of the essence. My hat seemed to be getting stronger with every step, and provided enough glow for us to see clearly; it felt like I was wearing a green neon sign pointing ahead.

I started singing ‘Always look on the bright side of life…’ and the others quickly joined in.

Brian the Baggy Green

Then we turned a corner into a cavern complex. It was full of people, animals… and other objects. My hat suddenly flew off and headed straight for a baggy green hat. They met in mid-air, and embraced passionately.

We looked in awe, as the green reunion shone like a golden wonder.

Life of Brian’s Bane

When they returned to our level, my hat almost knocked me over without touching me, as it spoke for the first time.

It said, ‘Hello Grey, my name is Emily, the Emerald Hat. I am sorry I couldn’t talk to you before, but it would have been too dangerous for you. I had to wait until I was reunited with my other half, Brian the Baggy Green. It was foretold in historic hatlore that a greeny werewolf Halfling would survive a hat-trick of green tasks before reuniting the hats of hope here in the Emerald Beach cave. The union of green would lead to a top hat age of unpolluted peace and prosperity.’

I said, ‘It’s nice to talk, and it’s no problem about the previous lack of communication, but there is just one thing, for I am Grey.’

Emily seemed to smile, before asking me if I’d seen myself lately.

I looked down and was totally shocked to see that I was green all over. I had become green in the Emerald Cave without even realising it. It felt like a landmark moment, and I now felt confident I could achieve anything; just like I always think Green can. I felt like bouncing around the cave like a spring green.

However, Emily quickly brought me down to earth with a warning, ‘There are still great tests ahead, and we will require your services again if you want to remain with us. We are heading north to our destiny; a war to end all wars. For Brian it is the bane of his life. If you join us, I’m sure we can win this one last great battle, and all return to the lives we desire.’

The Barangaroo Kangaroo is Just a Short Hop or Two

A Kangaroo in Australia.

Image via Wikipedia

It was getting late,
and I didn’t want to wait,
but the others were deep,
in conversation of sleep,
so I had forty winks,
and fourteen thinks.

The Barangaroo Kangaroo 

I was awoken by the others,
who said a lady named Carruthers,
and her five brothers,
were heading to Bronte‘s Wuthers,
and we could go along,
if we didn’t take too long.

So I jumped up, leaving twelve intellectual thoughts behind, and taking two nonsense ones along.  We ran to the beach, and got picked up soon after by a ferry taxi.

The captain was a kangaroo
who said it lived in Barangaroo.
Down on Darling Harbour,
south of Goat Island’s ardour.
Above Sydney aquarium’s
somewhat fishy delirium.

I thought, how convenient; and said that it must be nice living just a short hop or two from so many interesting places.

Arriving in Sydney, Booked by Bronte

Whales in a Sitka Sunset

Image by Sandy/Scarlett Images ♥ (catching up) via Flickr

Moon moves milky
waves washing whales
rising rolling roaming
entrancing ethereal eternal.

Sighting Sydney is a Sight for Sore Eyes 

Sea and shore had been serenely silent for seventeen hours, with only the appearance of moon wave whales worthy of recording here.

Then we saw Sydney on the horizon, and it looked open and peaceful, so we looked forward to landing and recovering after so many days at sea.

Just before reaching land I thought I saw a commotion out at sea, but the next moment it was gone.  None of the others seemed to have seen it, so I didn’t say anything.

There wasn’t time anyway, as we had to decide where to dock.

Docking at Sydney

Cronulla looked made of vanilla
Coogee appeared too easy
so we landed at Bronte
as it seemed to have something to say.

There was no time for wuthering
as the winds reached record heights.
We saw a woman by the name of Jane Eyre
fly head over heels all up in the air
dropping a book our way
by the name of Agnes Grey.

The book looked promising, and not at all  literary nonsense.

Husky Son in Huskisson Hushes Us On

Deutsch: Ein Wolfspitz-Sibirian Husky Welpe En...

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Elle took to the raft-pulling like a dolphin to water, and with the load lightened behind we reached similar speeds to the previous day.  The sea also seemed returned to normal, and it felt good to be lost in the waves, alternating time between the waterworld and skyspace.

Huskisson has some kind of Pull

We reached Jervis Bay in the evening, and thought about stopping somewhere for a meal.

As we circled the bay from the left, Vincentia did not attract us, but Huskisson seemed to be drawing us on; maybe it was because Elle and I had been doing a similar job to huskies with all the load-pulling.

Husky Son in Huskisson Hushes Us On

We were preparing to land near Elizabeth Drive, on the junction with Moona Moona Creek, when a car load of women stopped at a nearby junction.

The driver mooned at us twice. Her front-seat passenger berated her, shouting ‘Elizabeth, will you stop mooning or we’ll be up the Creek without a paddle; there’s a husky father and son just over there. Elizabeth, drive on now.’

The husky son just chuckled, and hushed us on.

Bingie Bungee Bees and Kalbarri Barry

Bingie Beach

Image by Kiifu via Flickr

We thanked the bees for the bungee to Bingie, and were about to leave, but then one introduced herself as Beatrice, before telling us not to buzz off straightaway, as they were having a bbq on the beach that night.

A bbq on Bingie beach with Beatrice and the bungeeing bees was too much to resist, so we quickly agreed in unison, and began to chill as the sun climbed to its midday peak.

Barry Joins Bee BBQ 

We’d filled our bellies and were enjoying a tinnie
or two with beeautiful company
when I thought I saw a familiar face out at sea
and then realised it was Kalbarri Barry.

I asked what he was doing all the way over the other side of the ocean, and he said he was just holidaying with the family.  I thought it was an amazing coincidence, but you know, these things do happen on the road.

Barry Suggests Shifty and Carry

Barry said they were setting off for Sydney the next day, and invited us along.  I hadn’t shape-shifted for a while, so I suggested that I change into a bottlenose and swim with Barry and his family; pulling the others behind us on a  makeshift raft.

They all agreed to the idea, and we constructed the raft after the bbq finished.

As the last embers of the fire lost their glow, we fitted the harness to the raft using the moonlight that silverlined across the ocean to our place on the sand.

Bungee to Bingie Begins with a Bee

Orbs of Art

Image by Kiifu via Flickr

The others stirred soon after, and Angry asked what all the racket was about.  I explained about the bungees from Bingie, thinking he may get angry about their early morning high jinx, but he straight away pointed out that they were bungeeing from the north, so why didn’t we ask if we could hitch a lift on their bungees.  I thought it was a great use of his mind.

Can You Ride Tandem

So when the next bungee jumpers appeared from the north we asked if we could hitch a lift up to Bingie.  They said no problem, and that they’d arrange for four tandem bungees to be sent down next time.

So we packed up our gear, including a few spare spuds, and waited for our lifts.  It was only a fifteen minute wait before we saw four bungees appear over the horizon, and a few seconds later they reached their destination just in front of us.

Bungee to Bingie with a Bee

It was a bit of a mad scramble, but we all got onto a bungee, and the next thing we were flying through the air on our way to Bingie.  It was only when I was on the bungee that I realised the pilot was a bee.

It was really exhilarating, but didn’t take long, and ended too quickly for my liking.  We all landed brilliantly in Bingie.  They had a great landing site full of grey orbs on green grass, and I wondered if they’d been expecting me!

Potatoes and Cheese Make Travelling a Breeze


Map of New South Wales/Australia, LGA of Eurob...

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We made good progress in the morning; reaching Eurobodalla by mid-morning, and Bodalla around midday.  They were quite similar towns, but Eurobodalla reminded me more of Europe than Bodalla for some reason.

South Coast Cheese and Potato Point

We were going to stop in Bodalla for lunch, but then read about the South Coast Cheese just outside town.  It sounded good, so we continued on to that, and were relieved to find that what we read was not literary nonsense.  We picked up some right cheesy bargains at the factory shop; and I mean cheesy as in food rather than an inauthentic item.

We couldn’t wait to reach Potato Point after that, and had no trouble finding it, after following directions cut into pointing potatoes.

Reaching the East Coast at Potato Point

The Tasman Sea grew bigger and bigger as we approached the east coast; and washed over us like a giant wet towel after we all jumped in upon arrival.

We had reached the east coast after many months of travelling.  I thought of Bonzo, and how he would no doubt have loved the refreshing relief of the neverending waves.  But he was in a happy place.

After an hour or three,
we had a tea fit for King Eddie,
and Queen Eloise,
of potatoes and cheese.

Easy Riders on the Road to Gillian Taylforth

Melbourne's skyline in 1959, along the Yarra R...

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We picked ourselves out of the gutter
without much sound; just a mutter
and a sigh, as to Geelong we said goodbye.

‘Where do we go now,
where do we go from here’,
Bonzo said sweetly, like a child o’ time.

I said Melbourne was just north
and from this time henceforth
we would call it Gillian Taylforth.

‘Onwards to Gillian Taylforth then
the time is already half past ten,’
cried Angry with zest n’ zen.

A pied piper from the gates of dawn
led us north to Hamlyn Heights
before a nice chap called Cornholio
showed us the way to Corio.

Lara gave us a lift to Avalon
where we joined the M1
Cocoroc was a tasty treat
listening to music while you eat.

A green fellow called Kermit
helped us across Hoppers Crossing
before we got an easy ride with Dennis
and his buddies Peter and Jack
all the way to Gillian Taylforth.