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Ghost Dog Bonzo Finds AC/DC Back in Black


For non-AC/DC fans, the house in this blog mixes up the first Kerrang cover, which featured Angus Young, the AC/DC guitarist on; and the Back in Black album, which was the first after the death of Bon Scott, and whose cover was dedicated to the rock n’ roll singer.

There was a time-machine at the entrance to Kerang, and you could choose a decade to enter, starting with the 1980s.  The 1980s looked an exciting time; with the magazine-town being born and developed on a surge of euphoria.  So we entered that.

Kerang Born too Late for Bon Scott

It was an eerie introduction to 1980s Kerang, with a barren region populated by just one gravestone.

It had on it the name: Ronald (Bon) Scott, and said he’d passed away in 1980. The next thing, Bonzo keeled over.

Reviving Bonzo 

We revived Bonzo, and asked what had occurred.  He said that he’d had a rush of deja-vu when he saw the grave; as if his past was contained within.

He’d first felt the urge to dig into it, but had tried fighting it, and then his four legs gave way altogether.

AC/DC Begin the Kerrang Construction

Once Bonzo was steady on its paws we continued towards the first constructions in Kerang.

The first was a big black house with a big mural of Angus Young of AC/DC on the front, and before we knew it, Bonzo was on the ground again.

Bon Scott and Brian Johnson Meeting

A bloke wearing a flat-cap emerged and exclaimed Hell’s Bells.  He rushed Back in Black, before bringing out a bone and jug, and saying to Bonzo: Have a Drink on Me, and this bone.

Somebody shouted out of the house asking what he was doing, and he replied that he had Given the Dog a Bone.  He then asked Bonzo if he could Shake a Leg, and when Bonzo showed he could, we went into the house.

It was really nice in there, and Bonzo got on great with all the other inhabitants.

Goodbye to Bonzo

So much so in fact, that when it came time to move on, they wanted Bonzo to stay, and having recently remembered his upbringing in Melbourne, Bonzo decided that he had found his place.

We were all sad to say farewell to Bonzo, but understood his reasons.

It was the next morning when we left, and as we waved goodbye to Bonzo, the house rocked to the sound of You Shook Me All Night Long.