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Werewolf of Oz: Ideal Solstice and Christmas Present


As we approach a month ’til Winter Solstice, Christmas and lots of other world holidays and festivals we’re delighted to write that Grey’s classic epic comedy-fantasy travel-quest comedy-quest fantasy-travel epic classic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps is now available in book form as well as kindle on Amazon.

Hopefully, it might make an ideal present for those trying to protect animals and environment;  enjoy South Park and Monty Python-style comedy; have an interest in travel and Australia; or the powers of body, mind and spirit.

Here’s the book cover, which links through to the book on Amazon, followed by its description on Amazon.


Rebel without a cause, werewolf without claws, Grey travels across all regions of Oz (Australia) in a comedy-fantasy parody of the Wizard of Oz. It is not witches that hunt the protagonist for a ruby slipper, but monotheists desperate to get their hands on an emerald cork hat. There’s no scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion searching for brain, heart and courage; instead, we have Elle McPherson, Angry Anderson and Bon Scott inspired characters needing a body, mind and spirit confidence boost. Will Grey and the intrepid travellers elude their pursuers and reach their destination? This book provides amazing action and surreal comedy in poetry and prose before reaching a cohesive and thrilling ending.



Spirit Lifts, Mind Plans, Body Gives Us Hope

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I was getting sick of the sight of Boomerang Beach and Green Point by the twenty-ninth return journey, and told Cathy I was losing hope. She said, ‘That’s not the spirit.’ That was the lift I needed; mentally I might add, as I certainly didn’t need more physical lifting!

Angry Acts to our Advantage

After Cathy had raised my spirit, I wondered if Angry might have a solution to our situation, as he’d been using his mind well recently. So I asked him if he could think of any way out of our repetitive return rebounding.

He thought for a few minutes, before suggesting we’d been playing into the boomerang’s hands; or wings to be more precise.

As we listened attentively through the whistling wind, Angry explained his rationale: it was because the four of us had been keeping to a straight two-two formation, and this kept the boomerang on its intended trajectory.

Come Elle or Eye Water

Angry suggested that Elle might be the key to changing our course, as she’d been using her body well recently. If she pulled in one direction, and we kept an eye on her, whether they were watery or not, then we could all lean over to one side, and that would hopefully release us from our eternal boomeranging.

You know what, it didn’t sound nonsense at all, and I had high hopes that it would ground us. We agreed to attempt it on our next journey north.

Swan Lake must be a Tragedy, knew Barry

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I returned to the others with a heavy heart, hardly believing what I had just witnessed.  Barry and his bottlenose family wiped out just like that.

Losing Friends and Family

I remembered our first meeting in Kalbarri, all those months ago, and over the other side of the continent.

I ploughed through an ocean that seemed suddenly against me; sending its arrow-sharp waves to batter my bonce, and impede my return to where I did not want to go.

It was in complete contrast to the morning, when the same sea had seemed to lift me through the waves with energy, love and vibrancy; but to what it must not have known.

Maybe it now shared my mourning, or blamed me as I blamed myself.

I did feel somehow responsible.  If we hadn’t met in Kalbarri, and again in Bingie, maybe Barry would still be making his way up the east coast with the rest of the family.

And then I’d been thinking grand thoughts more suited to Green than me; had I overstepped my boundaries?

Body, Mind and Spirit Rescue the Situation

My trepidation increased as I approached the others, still not knowing how I would tell them the terrible news.

When I had nearly reached the raft, Cathy jumped in the ocean, and swam to me.  I was about to tell her the news, when she said it was okay, they already knew that Barry and family had left us; she had also seen them rising into the air.

It lifted my spirits and lightened my load as I climbed up to join the others in the raft.  I told them what had happened and Angry said it was meant to be; Barry had told him in Cudmirrah that Swan Lake must be a tragedy.

Knowing that Barry had accepted the inevitability of the tragedy made my feel better, and I was thankful to Angry for a good use of his mind.

Then I asked them what we should do now, without Barry and family to pull us.  Elle said she was feeling strong, and would join me in the harness to pull the raft.  I thought it would be an incredibly helpful use of her body, and quickly thanked her.

Having decided our futures, we rested for a few hours and thought of our lost friends.

Body, Mind and Spirit Challenges in Rowdy Rook

Ulladulla Harbour, NSW, Australia

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We all agreed that it would be nice to stay the night in Ulladulla, as it was not dull at all. There were birds of all persuasions there, creating a very chirpy atmosphere. Elle was playing darts with a kingfisher called Kingsley; Cathy was dancing flamenco with a flamingo, and Angry was playing chess with a rook.

Stepping on Toe, Flamingo

A few hours later the flamingo was visibly starting to tire, and stepping on Cathy’s feet, but she kept dancing until the end of the song, which showed great spirit. Then she made her excuses and returned to our table.

She asked if it was time to leave, as we’d left Barry and the family down at the ocean. I looked at the time, and was shocked it was so late. Time flies when you’re having fun…with the birds.

Rounding up the Team

I agreed it was time to go, and we went over to tell Elle first. I asked if she was ready to leave, but she replied, ‘Hold on cobber, I just need a bullfinch’seye to win this deciding game.’ And with that she threw it straight in the middle, which was a good use of her body. Kingsley was a little crestfallen, but gallant at the same time.

I moseyed over to see how Angry was getting on. He’d just cornered the rook’s king with his rook and king, which I thought showed great use of his mind. The rook was very sporting, although it had a disappointed look.

Leaving the Rowdy Rook

We called over to Molly Mook that it was time we left the Rowdy Rook, but we were doing so with a heavy heart, and thanked her for the hospitality. The others gave us the bird as we left; in a nice way.

We returned to the beach, singing and swaying as we went, and found Barry and the family still having fun in the serene sea. Barry said they’d had a nice relaxing day, and that they were now looking forward to a long swim. The sun was setting as we left Ulladulla.