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Werewolf of Oz: Ideal Solstice and Christmas Present


As we approach a month ’til Winter Solstice, Christmas and lots of other world holidays and festivals we’re delighted to write that Grey’s classic epic comedy-fantasy travel-quest comedy-quest fantasy-travel epic classic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps is now available in book form as well as kindle on Amazon.

Hopefully, it might make an ideal present for those trying to protect animals and environment;  enjoy South Park and Monty Python-style comedy; have an interest in travel and Australia; or the powers of body, mind and spirit.

Here’s the book cover, which links through to the book on Amazon, followed by its description on Amazon.


Rebel without a cause, werewolf without claws, Grey travels across all regions of Oz (Australia) in a comedy-fantasy parody of the Wizard of Oz. It is not witches that hunt the protagonist for a ruby slipper, but monotheists desperate to get their hands on an emerald cork hat. There’s no scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion searching for brain, heart and courage; instead, we have Elle McPherson, Angry Anderson and Bon Scott inspired characters needing a body, mind and spirit confidence boost. Will Grey and the intrepid travellers elude their pursuers and reach their destination? This book provides amazing action and surreal comedy in poetry and prose before reaching a cohesive and thrilling ending.



Ghost Dog Bonzo Finds AC/DC Back in Black


For non-AC/DC fans, the house in this blog mixes up the first Kerrang cover, which featured Angus Young, the AC/DC guitarist on; and the Back in Black album, which was the first after the death of Bon Scott, and whose cover was dedicated to the rock n’ roll singer.

There was a time-machine at the entrance to Kerang, and you could choose a decade to enter, starting with the 1980s.  The 1980s looked an exciting time; with the magazine-town being born and developed on a surge of euphoria.  So we entered that.

Kerang Born too Late for Bon Scott

It was an eerie introduction to 1980s Kerang, with a barren region populated by just one gravestone.

It had on it the name: Ronald (Bon) Scott, and said he’d passed away in 1980. The next thing, Bonzo keeled over.

Reviving Bonzo 

We revived Bonzo, and asked what had occurred.  He said that he’d had a rush of deja-vu when he saw the grave; as if his past was contained within.

He’d first felt the urge to dig into it, but had tried fighting it, and then his four legs gave way altogether.

AC/DC Begin the Kerrang Construction

Once Bonzo was steady on its paws we continued towards the first constructions in Kerang.

The first was a big black house with a big mural of Angus Young of AC/DC on the front, and before we knew it, Bonzo was on the ground again.

Bon Scott and Brian Johnson Meeting

A bloke wearing a flat-cap emerged and exclaimed Hell’s Bells.  He rushed Back in Black, before bringing out a bone and jug, and saying to Bonzo: Have a Drink on Me, and this bone.

Somebody shouted out of the house asking what he was doing, and he replied that he had Given the Dog a Bone.  He then asked Bonzo if he could Shake a Leg, and when Bonzo showed he could, we went into the house.

It was really nice in there, and Bonzo got on great with all the other inhabitants.

Goodbye to Bonzo

So much so in fact, that when it came time to move on, they wanted Bonzo to stay, and having recently remembered his upbringing in Melbourne, Bonzo decided that he had found his place.

We were all sad to say farewell to Bonzo, but understood his reasons.

It was the next morning when we left, and as we waved goodbye to Bonzo, the house rocked to the sound of You Shook Me All Night Long.

Body, Mind and Spirit.. and Bonz Think Melbourne

Bubble and squeak with sauteed chestnut mushrooms

Image by WordRidden via Flickr

is no fun
when bubble
and squeak
is on the line.

The Mind

We thought how Gillian Taylforth might be connected to Mel Gibson, but couldn’t think of any obvious codes or similarities, and then Angry suggested that the city might not really be called Gillian Taylforth.

The Spirit

I remembered then that I had indeed renamed it before we arrived, but couldn’t for the sake of me remember any other name for it.  I felt dejected, but then Cathy gave a pep talk to raise our spirits.

The Body

Then Elle said she’d rush back into the city to find out the name.  So she sprinted back to the edge, and when she returned said it was really called Melbourne.  It had been a good use of her body.

The Bonz

It was great team work; utilising body, mind and spirit in the nick of minute.

But it confused the second question, because Melbourne sounded like it could well have been named after the birth of Mel Gibson.

I put this to the team, hoping Angry would continue his good mind form, when  Bonzo piped up: ‘Oh, Melbourne, that’s easy, I grew up here.  No, it wasn’t named after Mel Gibson, it was after that pommie guy, William Lamb – 2nd Viscount Melbourne.  Mel Gibson was in fact born in New York.’

We all looked at Bonzo in amazement, before giving him a big hug.

The Tucker

We gave the answers to Holly Valance, and she said:

‘You had your chance
and now you can hanch
on my best and scrumptious
bubble and squeak.’

We tucked in.

Bonzo Banishes Bagpipes Bafflement

The Ashes Urn

Image via Wikipedia

Walk this way
Kingscote sway
me and Angry
down the beach
until out of reach
of the neighbours
and hard labours.

Elle saw us coming and rushed off the beach to meet us.  She said she’d been worried about me and was glad to see me back in one piece.

I replied that I was already only one half, remembering my green other ‘arf, but I was indeed still in one half piece.

Elle chuckled and said, ‘Well, if you’re going to be pedantic, it’s good to see all your grey self again.  I would love to meet your green other ‘arf one day, and you all together as one greenygrey, but I’ve only known you as Grey.’

‘Thank you kind Elle’, I replied, ‘I should have been more understanding, and especially at this joyous moment, and I do dearly wish that one day you will meet me as one half of the complete Greenygrey.’

Then one of the little penguins recognised Bonzo’s travel companions and let him know.  Bonzo quickly lay down the bagpipes and sprinted over, looking very excited.

I introduced Angry to the others once everything had settled down, and asked how things had been going here.

They said everything had been wonderful, and they’d been shown great hospitality by King Scote and all the others.

I asked Bonzo what all the noise was about, and he said that the little penguins had enjoyed playing the new sport of AusRuIcket he’d taught them that they’d presented them to him.  They’d also burnt another set, and would play a tournament for them every year called the ARIshes.

I asked where the penguins had got the bagpipes from, and Bonzo said that it was like me: a bit of a grey area that went back a long time.

But little penguin legend said that they were brought over by a Rockhopper a long time ago.  They also provided the Bonz with a video to practise with:

Thanks to Big Robbo at MamasFallenAngels for inspiring the idea to put this video here, after he put it up on the site just after I’d done the last blog with Bonzo first playing the bagpipes.

Hiking Angry gives Inkling of Discography Illuminosity

Cover of "Scarred For Life"

Cover of Scarred For Life

As we walked back to meet the others we saw an Assault and Battery, and it inspired Angry to sing that it felt good to be Out Of This Place, but he intended to heed All The Lessons he’d learnt, and as for any pent-up feelings: he’d just Let It Go.

I said that was probably a good attitude, as otherwise he could be Scarred For Life, and that inspired Angry to sing that he had a feeling It’s Gonna Work Itself Out, and if we’re not bothered Who’s Got The Cash We Can’t Be Beaten.

By the time we approached King Scote and the others I felt I’d got to know Angry and his background quite well, and thought that it’d be great to have him join us on our ozramble.

The first sound that reached our lugs was that of bagpipes, and I was shocked to find that it was none other than Bonzo who was playing them.

I couldn’t wait to find out the story behind that…

Second-half of the game is not the same…or lame


Image via Wikipedia

The second-half kicked off and we launched a quick attack on the wing down the wing.  Russell Crow crossed it in, Sheryl Crow knocked it down, and I slotted it in.  It was the dream start, and we were back on track.  There was no time to crow about it though, we had a game to win.

Twenty minutes later Bob Crow pulled another one back with a short snap strike, and the Redbacks were redfaced as well as redbacks.

Crows were back in the game, but it’s a funny old name

But just as everything looked hunky dory
Ted Hughes Crow had to go off with poetry
Jim Crow divided the team like a tidal wave
Brandon Lee Crow tragically sent to early grave
and Charlie Crow had to fly off to trade.

Elle and Bonzo are the Ace and Joker in the Pack

We were now two players short, so I had a word with Bob, and he called a time-out.  I rushed over to Elle and Bonzo, who were already on the edge of their seats.

I quickly taught them the skills of shapeshifting, and they got the hang of it in no time.  Elle Crow and Bonzo Crow joined the fray without delay.

Bonzo made its presence known in no time, with some crunching tackles in the middle of the park.  It was from one of those that it won the ball, and then dribbled it half the pitch before slotting it in past the redback goalie, Redglove.

A Thrilling Finish to the Game

It was 3-3 with ten minutes remaining.  Our timewager didn’t include extra-time, so it was vital we got a winner before the end of the match.

But it was the redbacks that attacked straight from the kick-off, and they quickly spun a web of trickery that saw the ball reach our penalty area as if it was stuck to their feet.

However, our goalie, Crow Nation, flew up to the top corner and not only saved the shot but also gathered it in its wing.  It quickly punted the ball down the field and Elle ran on to it and sent it flying over the stranded Redglove to put us into the lead.

There was hardly time to restart the game, and it was a crow victory by four goals to three; thanks in no small part to us three I must say, thankfully.

The Kimberley Hosts Robin Hood Scenery


After the exciting phone call with Green we felt refreshed, and made good progress across the long desert miles in the morning.  We made it to Broome by lunchtime and had a nice dip in Beagle Bay, before a bbq lunch with our  beagle hosts.  Many were recuperating there after surviving smoking tests, and had the odd wheeze and cough.

After bidding the beagles bonjour Del Boy style, on our way out of Broome we saw a broom seller, and Bonzo said we should buy one, as they were going pretty cheaply, and it might come in handy later. 

Then when we got to Fitzroy Crossing, a bull called Fitzroy blocked our way on a log bridge by waving a staff around.  He said: ‘Nobody can cross Fitzroy in daylight’, and challenged us to a duel.

Bonzo exploded into a tirade that was like something out of an AC/DC back catalogue, screaming that he didn’t have time for Beating Around the Bush with a Cold Hearted Man, and said If You Want Blood You Got It before lobbing the broom at Fitzroy.  The broom flew through the air and hit Fitzroy’s eye with a bullseye, knocking him off the log and into the river below.  Bonzo said it sure was Shoot to Thrill and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap were quite fun.

We crossed the river, and a fair maiden welcomed us at the other side.  She said her name was Kimberley, and this land was named after her.  It was not difficult to see the resemblance, and as we passed into what looked like a kind of enchanted wilderness, the scenery was so nice we might have thought we’d arrived in heaven if we believed in those kinds of things.  It was even greenygrey in places. 

Lennard River