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Werewolf of Oz Last Post and Published


The Werewolf of Oz has now been edited, improved and digitally published on:



Grey has returned to the Greenygrey world, and reunited with Green as the Greenygrey. There is further discussion about the Werewolf of Oz today on the blog, and this will continue for the foreseeable future, with the transformation from blog to book explained.

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Thanks for following the epic Ozyssey, or just visiting for the first time, and I thoroughly hope you continue popping into the Greenygrey world.


Churchilla’s Chinchilla Commandos of Goya

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It was great to reacquaint with the Collie twins. Everybody was enjoying the moment, although we knew that a bruising battle lay ahead with Bri’s bane. We partied through the night, with a band of Beatles  starring in the Cavern, and then set off north the next morning.

Liaising with the Chinchilla Chinchillas

Emily and Brian led us through the secret cave for ten hours, until we at last reached the safe haven of Chinchilla. The Chinchilla chinchillas were also locked in a perennial struggle with Bri’s bane, and so we were warmly welcomed.

Emily and Brian introduced us all to the chinchilla leader, Pancho Churchilla, and he thanked us for our effort and support. When evening arrived, we all ascended into the fresh air, and basked in the Chinchilla sunset chinchilla style.

Chinchillas of Goya

We rested overnight underground in the burrow barracks of the Chinchillas of Goya (COG); a crack unit of chinchilla commandos that are the teeth of the chinchilla army sprocket.

They gave us their nests and slept on the floor, as their training had hardened them to such inconvenience. I didn’t like to take the nest, but we had been on a long hard journey; as long as the COG could maintain rotation without such self-maintenance.

Born to Bask

Someone had scrawled a message on the rock next to my nest that haunted my sleep that night. It said: Born to Bask, Live for Task.

It was signed CC, so I guess it must have been Cilla Chinchilla who wrote it; Pancho said she was the one who normally slept there. I thought it was a shame such a chilled chinchilla should have to live this way, and dreamt that one day soon the chinchillas would be able to once more bask in peace.

We were awoken at first light. After a short preparation we started on our final march to Bri’s bane. Nerves, excitement and fear all mixed together to activate anarchic adrenalin.

Capricho nº 50: Los Chinchillas de Goya, serie...

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Hat-trick to Hole in Smiggin Holes

Hat-trick to Hole in Smiggin Holes
An Emerald Tree Boa, Corallus caninus

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I could see no way of regaining my hat, and mentioned this to Cathy.  She said that’s not the spirit, before going into a deep trance.

Snake Scares Smiggin Senseless

A minute later, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but luckily Smiggin did.  Because the emerald hat suddenly turned into a snake, and Smiggin quickly threw it into the air.

It flew a few feet, opening up into a full ten foot length, before coiling back and once again becoming the emerald cork hat I’d grown to know and love.  I dived to regain it, and  grabbed it barely a foot off the ground.

Smiggin Creates another Hole

I saw some leaves and muddy earth below me, and was looking forward to a soft landing, but then the ground opened up.

I heard a cackle, and looked over at Smiggin, who had regained its composure.  By the look on its face, smirking Smiggin had obviously used its ghastly powers to open up another hole below where I was about to land.

The holiculturist had done itself proud with this one, and it was much deeper than the last.  I faced falling into a hole from which I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to  emerge.

The Great Gig in the Sky Above Uluru / Ayer’s Rock

A Kangaroo Crossing in Eastern Australia.

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‘I just came round to see if anybody fancied coming to the Oo-loo-roo Rocks Solstice festival this weekend.  There’s lots of great macropod bands on, and others too.  The way you’re singing it sounds like you could play there yourselves!’

‘Thanks Wally’ Alice laughed, ‘Yeh, cobber, it sounds fair dinkum bonzer me ol’ bushie.’

So after we finished drinking our spring water we set off for the Oo-loo- Rocks festival.  We were still springing, while Wally skipped.  Apparently they used to hop, until Skippy got them all skipping in the 1960s.

After an hour I asked Alice if she knew where the festival was, and she said it was held on several stages in the air.

Half an hour later I saw a great sight in front of me, and thought that it must be air’s or Oo-loo-roo rock.

There were several venues up in the air, each like great roockets the size of a desert view.

We met a few of Wally’s friends at the entrance, which was a portal below the centre of the air used for the festival.

Once we were up in the air at the festival we could just settle back and enjoy the view and tunes.  Bonzo Scottie  really enjoyed himself there, and looked the happiest I’d seen him; looking like a butcher’s dog!

I enjoyed quite a few bands, including the Roomones, Atomic Rooster and Roosh

Atomic Rooster had a song called Head in the Sky which really suited the setting, while Roosh’s music also fitted the venue, with songs like Fly By Night going down well.

The Roomones were pretty mad.  All the members are called Joey Roomone: the singer is tribover Joey, guitarist is smokin’ Joey, bassist is guesta Joey and the drummer is pesci Joey.

Probably my favourite band were the headliners: Injured Wildlife.  They are really popular in the area, with signs up everywhere.  They were all dressed in black, and had the stage positioned so it was all lit up bright yellow by the setting solstice sun.  It was the perfect setting for the band. 

They had really socially conscious lyrics in songs like Cousin Koala Curling Up Eucalyptus and When Did You Last See a Waltzing Wallaby.  All the crowd had a roousing singalong, as they knew the songs off by heart, and it was a fitting end to the great gig in the sky rookets.