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British Heavy Metal and 1970s Rock Around the Block

Dog cult

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As we reached a roundabout, a Ratt emerged Out of the Cellar and ran past us going Round and Round in circles. We ran past it, and just in time, because the Grunginator was hot on our heels, and didn’t waste any time in disposing of the vermilions.

British Heavy Metal in the Late 1980s

We ran through the British quarter, which had become a little run down by the late 1980s, with little new construction to add to those that had emerged in the early 1980s classic period.

There was a scene involving a Cult of Little Angels that had Wildhearts of Thunder worshipping Dogs D’Amour, but as we passed through we heard the Grunginator decimate it.

Return to the 1970s

Dizzy shouted that he knew a short-cut through the 1970s, so we nipped through some Doors to a Moonlight Drive, and after stopping off at the Roadhouse Blues we arrived at Venice Beach.

That was where the Italian Job all began.