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Husky Son in Huskisson Hushes Us On

Deutsch: Ein Wolfspitz-Sibirian Husky Welpe En...

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Elle took to the raft-pulling like a dolphin to water, and with the load lightened behind we reached similar speeds to the previous day.  The sea also seemed returned to normal, and it felt good to be lost in the waves, alternating time between the waterworld and skyspace.

Huskisson has some kind of Pull

We reached Jervis Bay in the evening, and thought about stopping somewhere for a meal.

As we circled the bay from the left, Vincentia did not attract us, but Huskisson seemed to be drawing us on; maybe it was because Elle and I had been doing a similar job to huskies with all the load-pulling.

Husky Son in Huskisson Hushes Us On

We were preparing to land near Elizabeth Drive, on the junction with Moona Moona Creek, when a car load of women stopped at a nearby junction.

The driver mooned at us twice. Her front-seat passenger berated her, shouting ‘Elizabeth, will you stop mooning or we’ll be up the Creek without a paddle; there’s a husky father and son just over there. Elizabeth, drive on now.’

The husky son just chuckled, and hushed us on.


Body, Mind and Spirit Challenges in Rowdy Rook

Ulladulla Harbour, NSW, Australia

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We all agreed that it would be nice to stay the night in Ulladulla, as it was not dull at all. There were birds of all persuasions there, creating a very chirpy atmosphere. Elle was playing darts with a kingfisher called Kingsley; Cathy was dancing flamenco with a flamingo, and Angry was playing chess with a rook.

Stepping on Toe, Flamingo

A few hours later the flamingo was visibly starting to tire, and stepping on Cathy’s feet, but she kept dancing until the end of the song, which showed great spirit. Then she made her excuses and returned to our table.

She asked if it was time to leave, as we’d left Barry and the family down at the ocean. I looked at the time, and was shocked it was so late. Time flies when you’re having fun…with the birds.

Rounding up the Team

I agreed it was time to go, and we went over to tell Elle first. I asked if she was ready to leave, but she replied, ‘Hold on cobber, I just need a bullfinch’seye to win this deciding game.’ And with that she threw it straight in the middle, which was a good use of her body. Kingsley was a little crestfallen, but gallant at the same time.

I moseyed over to see how Angry was getting on. He’d just cornered the rook’s king with his rook and king, which I thought showed great use of his mind. The rook was very sporting, although it had a disappointed look.

Leaving the Rowdy Rook

We called over to Molly Mook that it was time we left the Rowdy Rook, but we were doing so with a heavy heart, and thanked her for the hospitality. The others gave us the bird as we left; in a nice way.

We returned to the beach, singing and swaying as we went, and found Barry and the family still having fun in the serene sea. Barry said they’d had a nice relaxing day, and that they were now looking forward to a long swim. The sun was setting as we left Ulladulla.

Molly Mook’s Rowdy Rook in Ulladulla

Corvus corone in flight

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We’d been in the ocean for a few hours when we spotted a bird flying towards us.  We slowed down as it reached us.

Mollymook in Ulladulla

As the bird arrived overhead it said,  ‘Ahoy, sailors and swimmers, you look like you are in need of rest and refreshments.  I am Molly Mook, landlady of the Rowdy Rook in Ulladulla, and I invite you to join us for lunch.’

I said we were doing well,
but the offer sounded as swell
as the wave just approaching,
so how faraway is the Rook
as the crow flies, Molly Mook.

Molly laughed, before saying, ‘It is nine nautical miles as the crow flies, and I should know, for I am one; not a rook, I am a crow, and I fly as a crow flies.’

It didn’t sound too much of a detour, and Molly seemed like a very chirpy character, so with the agreement of the others I said,

‘We’d like to visit the Rowdy Rook,
so without a second look,
please lead us there chuck.’

The Rowdy Rook has a Familiar Look

Molly said the harbour would be quite busy, so she took us up to the beach above, and we walked down Ocean Street to the Rowdy Rook; I’d shape-shifted out of dolphin by then of course!

The Rowdy Rook was as welcoming as Molly had promised, and had a warm and friendly familiar look.

It was full of corvids of all types, and played some vids that made you think cor! The Black Crowes, Byrds and Eagles were particularly good.

We were ravenous by the time our mag pies arrived, and they fitted the bill, so we made sure to send our appreciation to the Rowdy Rook cook.

Outback Travellers Meet a Passer-by Under the Literary Nonsense Sky

A Toot and a Snore in '74, the 1992 bootleg album

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The fabulous five outback travellers
were sitting on the grass dividers
after eating their fill of bubble and squeak,
when a practitioner of literary nonsense did unto them speak.

‘I can tell you all you need to know
if you’ll just open your door
I promise not to induce a snore
my presentation is not a bore
It’s guaranteed to make you say cor!
and my jokes will raise a haw-haw
It has not once started a war
or been considered against the law
All the donkeys have exclaimed e-oh
and most dogs have clapped at least one paw
The coldest ice maidens it did thaw
and even beavers stopped their gnaw
Once I told it on the sea-shore
and the waves kept coming back for more
So what do you think my travelling four
are you ready for my rock n’ roar?’

The passer-by looked at us
after ending the recital syllabus.

‘I said I thought they were mistaken,
because there was no door,
and we were five,
not four.’

The passer-by looked all shocked and awe,
before declaring me a talking door.

‘No,’ said I,
‘I’ve just eaten too much
bubble and squeak,
my body has now widened
and my fur resembles teak.’