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On the Road Again, after leaving Kangaroo Island

Leaving Olbia, leaving Sardinia

Image by 8#X via Flickr

The next morning brought mixed emotions, as we woke with fond memories of the reunion party but also the sad realisation that we would have to leave that day.

Goodbye to King Scote and Kangaroo Island

We had enjoyed a wonderful time on the island, and stayed longer than expected. So we planned on getting an early start and making good progress through the day.

King Scote and all the little penguins were up early for a farewell to friends breakfast buffet on the beach, and it was indeed most enjoyable, eating finely cooked tasty morsels as the sun rose.

But all terrific things must come to an end, and after eating our fill we packed up ready to go.

King Scote said he was sorry to see us leave, and we were welcome back at any time.  He even told Elle that she could be his queen any time she liked.  Elle said she was very flattered and thanked him for his kind words.

The little penguins said it had been great meeting us all, and especially Bonzo, and they would think of him every time they played AusRuIcket.

They waved us off, and the four of us waved back.  The sky seemed to darken around us, while the island was still bright, and we thought that we must have been able to see them after they lost sight of us.  We all hugged each other as they faded into the glow of Kangaroo Island.


Bonzo Banishes Bagpipes Bafflement

The Ashes Urn

Image via Wikipedia

Walk this way
Kingscote sway
me and Angry
down the beach
until out of reach
of the neighbours
and hard labours.

Elle saw us coming and rushed off the beach to meet us.  She said she’d been worried about me and was glad to see me back in one piece.

I replied that I was already only one half, remembering my green other ‘arf, but I was indeed still in one half piece.

Elle chuckled and said, ‘Well, if you’re going to be pedantic, it’s good to see all your grey self again.  I would love to meet your green other ‘arf one day, and you all together as one greenygrey, but I’ve only known you as Grey.’

‘Thank you kind Elle’, I replied, ‘I should have been more understanding, and especially at this joyous moment, and I do dearly wish that one day you will meet me as one half of the complete Greenygrey.’

Then one of the little penguins recognised Bonzo’s travel companions and let him know.  Bonzo quickly lay down the bagpipes and sprinted over, looking very excited.

I introduced Angry to the others once everything had settled down, and asked how things had been going here.

They said everything had been wonderful, and they’d been shown great hospitality by King Scote and all the others.

I asked Bonzo what all the noise was about, and he said that the little penguins had enjoyed playing the new sport of AusRuIcket he’d taught them that they’d presented them to him.  They’d also burnt another set, and would play a tournament for them every year called the ARIshes.

I asked where the penguins had got the bagpipes from, and Bonzo said that it was like me: a bit of a grey area that went back a long time.

But little penguin legend said that they were brought over by a Rockhopper a long time ago.  They also provided the Bonz with a video to practise with:

Thanks to Big Robbo at MamasFallenAngels for inspiring the idea to put this video here, after he put it up on the site just after I’d done the last blog with Bonzo first playing the bagpipes.