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The Wisdom of Ants is Pants when Hungover


Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while, but things have gone all weird in Latham, and I seem to have lost track of space and time, as well as self.

Ants Exist You Know

I was going to get up after my day on the ale in Latham, but then I felt groggy and my head hurt so I lay back down.

Then I heard something saying: ‘You think you’re big you do, don’t you.’

I looked up and could see nothing around. I thought I must be hearing voices in my confused state.

But then I heard it again: ‘You think you’re big you do, don’t you.’

And this time it was followed by: ‘Oi, you big bundle of grey fluff, you think you’re big don’t you, you can’t even see me down here.’

Talking with Ants

So I looked down and saw an ant, carrying a massive weight on its back, and working hard farming aphids. I felt quite guilty, sleeping off a hangover, while that wee chap was working so hard.

Then it said: ‘Well, when you get a chance, read Marc Latham’s ant theory article on Existential, because it might make you look on ants, humanity, life, the universe and the Great Scheme of Things in a completely different way…or maybe a little anyway, and you might even notice how similar us ants are to you werewolves.’

I was just about to respond, but it had disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. I went back to sleep, and dreamt of antstronauts exploring the universe.