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Early Underground

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We were about to leave, when a porcelain pod came around the corner, and MiMo Moby emerged from it. We were ecstatic, and greeted him with gusto; he seemed equally pleased to see us.

I told him the Dame had been a disappointment, so Angry, Cathy and Elle were uncertain of their future in Oz, and I didn’t know if I could return to the Greenygrey world.

Moby Pep Talk

MiMo looked at us all, and then back at Elle, before saying, ‘Why, Elle had body issues when she joined you; she had lost all her strength. But she has been using her body with great dexterity throughout the Ozyssey, and now has her confidence back.’

I had to agree. Elle leapt into the air with joy.

‘And Angry was letting the Neighbours’ opinions of his mind get to him; making him feel inadequate. But he has been using fantastic judgement all through the epic adventure, and working well within your travel team.’

Once more, I had to agree. Angry sang a celebratory tune he spontaneously created.

‘And Cathy was in low spirits when you met; but freedom, movement, natural space, friendship, being valued and success have helped lift her spirits since joining your epic adventure; and also raised yours at crucial times in this rousing ramble.’

Yet again, I had to agree. Cathy saluted the sun.

‘And you, Grey, you have reached your destination, and helped bring the hats of hope home to Emerald. Deep down you know you have the power to return to Green whenever you want. The Greenygrey world is free again; as free as Emerald.’

I thanked MiMo Moby for everything, and we all said hearty farewells before he disappeared around the corner in his porcelain pod. Not long after, Brian arrived from the same direction.


Bungee Jumpers of Bingie Splash and Brash

Raining Again

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I awoke on the beach, and it was light.

There seemed to be a commotion out at sea
I wondered what it might be.

Before falling back to sleep.  When I awoke again, it was raining.  Once again I returned to the land of nod.

Then I was awoken by a regular splashing in our locality,
and wondered what it might be.

I thought somebody might have left a tap on, but then remembered we were on the beach and there were no taps nearby.

Bungee Jumpers Thud Spud Sands

Then I thought all the early morning activity might be the MoMo East returning from the deep after its epic battle with MiMo Moby, or Smiggin escaped from its hole, so I suddenly bolted upright.

I was relieved to see it was not MoMo, oh no; or Smiggin, thank holiculturing; but rather some bungee jumpers that seemed to be arriving from a great distance.

Bungees from Bingie

Adopting a posh phone voice I once heard spoken in an old film, I said ‘hey, hold on there old chap, don’t you think it’s a little early for that kind of caper?’

I realised he must be a local when he replied, ‘Strewth cobber, it’s never too early for some bonzer fun like this.’

I just had time to ask him where the bungees were deriving from before he started bouncing out.  I could just about hear him say they were bungeeing from Bingie before he bounced out of sight.

Werewolf Poetry as Travellers Leave Shire

Map of Victoria/Australia, LGA of Moyne Shire ...

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Port Fairy and the Cathy spirit seemed to work wonders on the MM Moby, and it soon returned to health.  It also looked relieved of stress, which probably resulted from it feeling it no longer had to battle its monotonous nemesis…at least for now.

Helping MM Moby also seemed to revive Cathy, and she looked much more spirited afterwards.

Briefing on the Battle of Bass Strait 

MM Moby said he believed that we had won a major victory in our journey around Oz, and that our destination was now in sight.

The addition of the Cathy spirit was also a strengthener that would surely help us ward off any evil intentions from the monotonous monotheist.

We Leave the Shire of Moyne and Say Goodbye to MM Moby

After we’d fully recuperated, and felt well again after the epic battle, we knew it was time to leave Port Fairy and the Shire of Moyne, and also say farewell to MM Moby for now.

MM Moby said he felt we would meet again before our journey’s end, and reminded us to remain aware, as more dangers lay ahead.

Ending on a Werewolf Poem

MM Moby’s final words inspired another of my rambling poems, and I’d like to share it with you to end the blog:

We’re Were Aware

Be aware where you are
Be a were wherever you are?
Be a were and aware.

Port Fairy is Magic as Cathy Freeman shows Greenygrey Spirit

Cathy Freeman olympic final 400m Sydney 2000

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As we approached the Port Fairy beach we saw a splashing about in the water, and could just about make out that it was the Monotonous Monotheist and the Mild Monotheist Moby apparently in the last throes of battle.

Ian Thorpe Swims to Save Moby 

It looked as if the Monotonous had the upper hand, and was about to deliver the death-blow, when what looked like a human thorpedo sped through the water and delivered a hit to the Monotonous’s underbelly.

The Monotonous turned and made off into the depths, where it would no doubt lick its wounds and plan another attack on our senses.  This is not literary nonsense, it has happened so many times already on this journey.

Cathy Freeman, Spirit of Sydney 2000 Olympics

The thorpedo helped the MM Moby to the Port Fairy beach, and then we saw what looked like the spirit of Australia‘s 2000 Olympics rush to rescue the dazed Moby; only the spirit wasn’t burning as brightly as it should.

After we’d docked we rushed over to Moby and the spirit.  Moby said it was feeling fine, although it had been a tough battle to try to restrain the Monotonous Monotheist.

The spirit, which we saw was female, also looked tired, having helped out after a battle that was not really anything to do with her, but when the monotheists are at war it unfortunately involves us all.

After the spirit was satisfied that Moby was alright she introduced herself as Cathy.

We would spend the next couple of weeks on the beach, so there was nothing much else to report, and I’ll hopefully have some more news after a fortnight.

Green and Grey Separate Again Until Another Day

Vera Dua

When we calmed down after all the action and excitement we cooked up a Bass Strait brunch, and discussed the previous day or two’s exciting events.

Bonzo said he’d been asleep and missed all the hullabaloo.  Elle said Angry’d had the idea for her to shoot up and grab the captain around the neck, and it was good to see that Angry was using his mind, and Elle her body.

We all hoped Mild Monotheist Moby would survive the deadly duel with the captain, which was of course really the surviving Monotonous Monotheist.  We wondered if we would see them again on our journey.

After a joyous meal under the big ocean sky, where the rest of our travel entourage got to meet the Greenygrey, we unfortunately announced that we would be parting again.

Blighty needed Green, and we felt that Grey should finish this journey on its own.

It had been a fantastic reunion, and I (Grey) felt reinvigorated for the adventures to come.

Moreover, Green had been able to tell me that the Grand Council had fled to Saturn, and Britain was missing me because of the drought.

We parted again, and Green shape-shifted into an albatross for the long journey back to the Greenygrey world.

We all climbed up to the top of the mast to wave it off and wish it luck, singing Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…’

Green albatross looked back as it reached the horizon, did a roll and tipped its wings, before disappearing from view into the azure.

Bunyip Shennanigans and Shining Emeralds Go Moby

ABORIGINAL MYTHS. - THE BUNYIP (caption) - pho...

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We continued south, into the baking heat, with no life visible anywhere.  But then we saw another figure in the distance that looked to be moving.  It grew larger as we approached, and in the end we could make it out as a bunyip.

The Bunyip Asks Us to Call a Ball

We stopped at its feet and I asked what a fine example of a bunyip was doing so far away from the nice wet swamps in the arid Australian outback.

It looked at us with mischievous eyes, and ignored my question.

Instead, it invited us to play a game.  It rolled three different coloured balls onto a fold-out table: one was green, one red and another pink. 

It said that if we chose one colour each we’d get a different prize each: the prizes were green dye; a family home and a new body.

Discussion and Deliberation Leads to Decision

The three of us looked at each other, and then got in a huddle.

We said it looked an inviting offer, and I said I’d really like some green dye, to make myself look greenygrey again.

Bonzo said he’d like a ready made family home; somewhere to provide security for him for when he settles down.

Elle said she’d like a new body, as she’d lost all confidence in herself as a person.

So we thought we’d go for it, and decided that the green ball would be the dye, the red the house and the pink the body.

Bunyip Shennanigans Leads to Return of MiMo Moby

So we chose our three balls, but then the bunyip revealed that each prize was the opposite to what we wanted.

I’d won a house, but didn’t need one as I wanted to return back to blighty; Bonzo had won a new body but it was happy to be a scottie, and Elle had won a family house when she didn’t want to live in the desert.

So we started to swap, but then the bunyip intervened, saying there was a forfeit for exchanging the prizes.

The cost for three swaps was a hat. 

We only had the emerald cork hat, which was said to have magic powers, but we hadn’t seen any yet.

So I took the hat off and said shine now you crazy emerald, or forever hold your peace. 

And with that MiMo Moby appeared in the air above us.  He said that was no bunyip, it was the Monotonous Monotheist of the East, and the prizes were things it thought we could not resist.

With that, the bunyip suddenly turned into the MoMo we’d seen at Meekatharra, and let out a blood curdling chant.

Meerkats and Monotheists Mix Makes Mad Morning

A meerkat in the Kalahari Desert

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I was just starting to come to terms with all the events that had befallen me in Meekatharra when another human arrived in a Porcelain pod.  Bursting out it said: ‘Hallelujah, I am the Mildly Monotheistic Moby, and I’m Feeling So RealEverything Was Wrong Here, but now that the Sky Has Broken and the Grey descended, the Monotonous Monotheist must Go, and matters must return to magic for the meerkats of Meekatharra.

Moby, Denmark 2009

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MiMo Moby said I had done a good deed here, and should now take the dust sandy road, which would lead me to the Great Dame of Oz, who should be able to help me in my quest.

 Enter the Monotonous Monotheist of the East

Just as I was getting my hopes up, and a bit of a warm glow, and Bonzo was starting to perk up, there was a ghastly shriek of ranting, followed by the appearance of a figure that declared itself to be the Monotonous Monotheist of the East.

 The poor meerkats dived for cover, and Bonzo belted out the blues.

‘Aah, hah’, it said, ‘you might have silenced my twin from the west, but I am the stronger of the two, and I will wreak rampant revenge upon your sinning souls, ah, hah, hah!’

The MoMo East sprang towards its twin, but MiMo Moby somehow transported an emerald cork hat from the MoMo West onto my bonce. 

MiMo Moby told the MoMo East to Go from here, as it had no power in Meekatharra. 

MoMo East cackled out another rant and repeated the threat before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.

MiMo Moby said to take care of the hat, as it had magic powers, and could provide protection on the journey I would have to take if I wanted to return to being one within the Greenygrey. 

With that it also vanished, and some semblance of normality again returned to Meekatharra.