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No Rest for the Licked: It’s all Go, to Whiskey a Go-Go

Angry Anderson, a singlet, a puppy and a boot.

Image by Gribiche via Flickr

We turned the corner of the temple of the dog, just as the spirit of Andrew Wood Thru Fade Away with a Gentle Groove.  We could see no sign of the Grunginator, just a Man In The Box balanced precariously, as if in Madness, on One Step Beyond the thirteenth.

Remembering Angry Appearing at the Whiskey a Go-Go

I was feeling rather drained, plum knackered in fact, and was about to sit on the temple of the dog steps, but then Dizzy exclaimed: ‘Quick, there’s no time to rest, Angry was supposed to be on stage at the Whiskey a Go-Go an hour ago.’

It had completely slipped my mind, and I felt like I’d seen the Whiskey a Go-Go poster advertising Angry’s appearance an age ago.  I did remember now though, and knew it wasn’t literary nonsense.

Rushing Angry to the Whiskey a Go-Go

So off we rushed back to the 1980s, and arrived at the Whiskey a Go-Go in next to no time, pronto.

The crowd had been getting restless, but they let out a great cheer as Angry took to the stage.  Including members of Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue, who would take trash metal into the 1990s and beyond.

Angry had a surprise for us all at the end when he magicked a puppy out of his boot, telling the crowd it was an iconic gift from the temple of the dog.  I never saw where Angry got it; maybe I was taking forty winks at the time.

It had been hard work, and damn right dangerous at times, but it was rewarding to think we’d played a small part in saving trash metal.