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Newman’s Cool Hand Luke Arresting Performance

The name of God

Image by fdecomite via Flickr

With the Momo East having left, a sudden wave of fresh nature seemed to spring into Meekatharra, and all the meerkats started dancing in the streets.  Bruce and Sheila Orlov said that it had been banned under monotheist rule, and any meerkats caught rebelling against the law, and acting in a natural way, were either burnt or stoned to death.

That seemed a horrendous way for a monotheist to behave, and in the name of God too: more like the Devil!  It made me feel great empathy for the meerkats, and I hoped they would be able to live out their lives in peace from henceforth.

At the end of the day it was time to bid farewell to the meerkats and continue our journey. 

We travelled up to Newman, where a cool looking chap called Luke was being arrested for damaging a fire hydrant.  It looked like he’d been dealt a bad hand in life, but he was still smiling.