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Rocking it at the Rock-It Festival in Perth, West Australia


Sancho and Don said they were off to the Rock-It festival in Perth, and invited me along, and I didn’t need a second invite. I felt like I needed a bit of fun after a tough time in Latham, and they seemed to be in the same situation having just escaped Cervantes. 

Rock-It Festival in Perth  

We had a bit of a tough time finding the Joondalup area where Rock-It is held, and had to do a bit of a loop around the neck of the Swan River. 

Black Swan on the Swan River, Perth Western Au...

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However, once we were there it was great. It was a really relaxing and fun atmosphere, and really rocked. 

Airbourne played a storming opening set, Rose Tattoo played a great slide guitar fuelled bluesy show, and Bon Scott era AC/DC just ripped the place up with a headlining bad boy boogie act that just oozed rock n’ roll. 

Cover of "Let There Be Rock"

Cover of Let There Be Rock


Relaxing on Rotto: Rottnest Island 

We were rather hot and sweaty after the show, so we headed out to Rottnest Island, or Rotto as it is known locally. 

A stitched panorama of a rainbow over Thomson ...

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There was certainly nothing rotten about it, and we enjoyed the beautiful beaches on the traffic free island. 

We were joined by some quirky quokkas: animals that are to kangaroos what greenygreys are to werewolves. They were lots of fun, and provided great company before we fell asleep under the rising sun.