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Werewolf of Oz Last Post and Published


The Werewolf of Oz has now been edited, improved and digitally published on:



Grey has returned to the Greenygrey world, and reunited with Green as the Greenygrey. There is further discussion about the Werewolf of Oz today on the blog, and this will continue for the foreseeable future, with the transformation from blog to book explained.

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Thanks for following the epic Ozyssey, or just visiting for the first time, and I thoroughly hope you continue popping into the Greenygrey world.


Swimming in a Woad Sea to Port Macquarie


The Guiness Toucan

Three red heads and a grey,
made their way,
to the bay.
Where the dust sandy road,
was lying overboard,
in a sea of woad.

Now raftless, we swam the dust sandy path, leading us north up the coast. It was good to be back on the ground, even if we were in the sea.

We were going to stop for a rest when we reached Crowdy Head, but a quick headcount suggested it was overcrowded. So we continued swimming through afternoon into the evening.

Pour Macawry in Port Macquarie

When the bright lights of Port Macquarie lit up the western horizon we decided to call it a day. It’d been quite some swim, no nonsense.

After drying off we popped into a beachside establishment called Two Cans Irish Pub. We walked up to the bar and a toucan asked us what we’d like to drink.

I knew toucans advertise Guiness, so we all asked for a pint of it. It started pouring one, while holding another pint in its other wing; and asked a macaw standing farther down the bar to pour the other two. The toucan and macaw had different styles of pouring, which could perhaps be called pour toucany and pour macawry.

Sirens Sound Sweet to Me, but not Cathy

Mona Vale Head (#73)

Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

We awoke on the sand
between sea and land
of the rising sun
I have much to learn.

We had a quick brekkie before setting off.  A swirling wind picked up off Mona Vale port, sounding like Vale Park when the Valiants are losing.

At the end of the morning we passed Dolphin Bay, and I thought of Barry and family.  I wished they were with us to see it.

I was cheered somewhat by Cheero Point and a little more by Little Wobby.

The Tug Under Norah Jones Siren

The going got tough as we passed parallel to Tuggerah Lake, as the current tugged us towards the coast as if trying to tie us together; which is a tad tongue-twister.  I was beginning to weaken, and Elle took up most of the strain, which I thought was a great use of her body.

We’d just recovered from that when we heard some beautiful music lilting over to us from Norah Head.  The songs seemed to be saying sweet nothings like: ‘Love Me Tender’, ‘Thinking About You’, ‘Come Away With Me’ and ‘Until The End’.

I started swimming towards them, and Elle followed my lead.  The next thing, Cathy had dived in and was putting ear-plugs in our ears.  The spell was broken; it had all been nonsense, and when Cathy whispered Siren in my left ear I knew what had happened.  I was extremely grateful that Cathy had been on the same spirit level.

Werewolf Poetry as Travellers Leave Shire

Map of Victoria/Australia, LGA of Moyne Shire ...

Image via Wikipedia

Port Fairy and the Cathy spirit seemed to work wonders on the MM Moby, and it soon returned to health.  It also looked relieved of stress, which probably resulted from it feeling it no longer had to battle its monotonous nemesis…at least for now.

Helping MM Moby also seemed to revive Cathy, and she looked much more spirited afterwards.

Briefing on the Battle of Bass Strait 

MM Moby said he believed that we had won a major victory in our journey around Oz, and that our destination was now in sight.

The addition of the Cathy spirit was also a strengthener that would surely help us ward off any evil intentions from the monotonous monotheist.

We Leave the Shire of Moyne and Say Goodbye to MM Moby

After we’d fully recuperated, and felt well again after the epic battle, we knew it was time to leave Port Fairy and the Shire of Moyne, and also say farewell to MM Moby for now.

MM Moby said he felt we would meet again before our journey’s end, and reminded us to remain aware, as more dangers lay ahead.

Ending on a Werewolf Poem

MM Moby’s final words inspired another of my rambling poems, and I’d like to share it with you to end the blog:

We’re Were Aware

Be aware where you are
Be a were wherever you are?
Be a were and aware.

King Island has Surprising Amount of Interest

Currie, Tasmania harbour on King Island in Tas...

Image via Wikipedia

Boatry Poetry is a Form of Libertree

Row, row, row the waves
surfaces of Davy Jones’ graves
we could sit back and relax
as roaring forties cut us some slacks
not trousers to wear
but no rowing despair
as the wind behaved as it should
you know they say ‘well, it would’
sailing us towards Tasmania
I don’t know how to explain to ya’
we just sat back and played cards
as the boat ate up the salt yards
it wasn’t long til we reached King Island
where we ate a Pearshape Egg Lagoon Currie by hand
it was a shock to see a Sea Elephant in Surprise Bay
but it was a fitting finale to a Bungar(gl)ee day.

Poem Story About Sea Storm Beyond Pale Corn

A shivering sail

Image via Wikipedia

Four Sail For Sale 

We set sail for the port of Robe
not far across Oz in terms of globe
as we’d heard there were bargains
in a super market without chagrins
but waves did suddenly rise
in a storm of enormous size
we wondered where it had brewed
fury of the worst bad mood
before it declared its intention
to sink us without hesitation
and leave no trace
of our boat race.

Paradise Sunrise Wakes Grey to a New Day

vivonne bay

Image by Melosh via Flickr

Waking up in the sunrise haze
put me under an a.m. twilight daze
and I only remember it in poetry
so here’s my V Bay second day story.

Sunrise is Nice Surprise in Paradise

Waking on settled sands
with the sunrise hands
hugging sea and spray
in warmth across Vivonne Bay
I just wanted to lay
there for all the day
before remembering time
Bonzo, Elle and other ‘alf lime.

Meeting Up Again is Ten out of Ten

So I got up slowly
because I still felt lowly
if I’d gone for a swim
and water’d filled to brim
I wouldn’t have felt wholly
because I’ve got a holey
or three in my head
to stop me feeling like lead
girl o boy I ain’t no buoy
sometimes I’m coy or koi
carping on about all things fishy
and telling Green how I miss ye.

New Free Poem: Time will make you Wait…


Image via Wikipedia

Time will make you Wait, and never be Late

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
time waits for nobody
even in a state of stagnancy
in an old world strange city.

Crows can fly
redbacks scurry by
if they fought beyond WHY?
which one would die?
It’s a dilemma, my oh my,
could easily induce a cry?

How long does ice take to become meltable?
no, their choice is more  hypothetical
than some real world conundrum
that is scientifically measurable.

We cannot help, or advise,
for our words would become lies
in a land where time waits for no-one
and only flies when it’s having fun.

Fantasy Sport Decisions Decisions

Ledwyche. The Ledwyche Brook. Looking downstre...

Image via Wikipedia

The crows have two wings
talons and beak,
redbacks have eight legs
a nasty streak.
who will win the contest
it is difficult to decide,
could be down to injury
or a contentious offside.
decision is difficult
one more calamity,
for three travellers
living life extremity.