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Bungee Jumpers of Bingie Splash and Brash

Raining Again

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I awoke on the beach, and it was light.

There seemed to be a commotion out at sea
I wondered what it might be.

Before falling back to sleep.  When I awoke again, it was raining.  Once again I returned to the land of nod.

Then I was awoken by a regular splashing in our locality,
and wondered what it might be.

I thought somebody might have left a tap on, but then remembered we were on the beach and there were no taps nearby.

Bungee Jumpers Thud Spud Sands

Then I thought all the early morning activity might be the MoMo East returning from the deep after its epic battle with MiMo Moby, or Smiggin escaped from its hole, so I suddenly bolted upright.

I was relieved to see it was not MoMo, oh no; or Smiggin, thank holiculturing; but rather some bungee jumpers that seemed to be arriving from a great distance.

Bungees from Bingie

Adopting a posh phone voice I once heard spoken in an old film, I said ‘hey, hold on there old chap, don’t you think it’s a little early for that kind of caper?’

I realised he must be a local when he replied, ‘Strewth cobber, it’s never too early for some bonzer fun like this.’

I just had time to ask him where the bungees were deriving from before he started bouncing out.  I could just about hear him say they were bungeeing from Bingie before he bounced out of sight.


Potatoes and Cheese Make Travelling a Breeze


Map of New South Wales/Australia, LGA of Eurob...

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We made good progress in the morning; reaching Eurobodalla by mid-morning, and Bodalla around midday.  They were quite similar towns, but Eurobodalla reminded me more of Europe than Bodalla for some reason.

South Coast Cheese and Potato Point

We were going to stop in Bodalla for lunch, but then read about the South Coast Cheese just outside town.  It sounded good, so we continued on to that, and were relieved to find that what we read was not literary nonsense.  We picked up some right cheesy bargains at the factory shop; and I mean cheesy as in food rather than an inauthentic item.

We couldn’t wait to reach Potato Point after that, and had no trouble finding it, after following directions cut into pointing potatoes.

Reaching the East Coast at Potato Point

The Tasman Sea grew bigger and bigger as we approached the east coast; and washed over us like a giant wet towel after we all jumped in upon arrival.

We had reached the east coast after many months of travelling.  I thought of Bonzo, and how he would no doubt have loved the refreshing relief of the neverending waves.  But he was in a happy place.

After an hour or three,
we had a tea fit for King Eddie,
and Queen Eloise,
of potatoes and cheese.