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AB/DC is born

No Bull

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We had a great feast that night, and enjoyed the reunion immensely. Angry seemed to be enjoying himself getting to know us all, and really came out of his shell after a few hours of fun.  He even sang a few songs towards the end of the night.

Night of Celebration

Bonzo accompanied Angry on the bagpipes for one, and Elle danced wildly to the jolly tunes.  Everybody seemed entranced by the music and dancing, and especially King Scote.

Elle later said she’d enjoyed the music very much and that she hoped they would have plenty of time to create more music when we returned to the road, and that Angry and Bonzo could even become a band.

AB/DC is Born

Elle suggested Angry Bonzo / Dandelion Cordial would be a good name, and everybody agreed it was a wonderful choice.

Angry suggested we could call it AB/DC for short, and speaking no bull, everybody thought that was another great idea.

By the end of the night we felt like we were blood brothers and sisters slipping away from the city blues on a once in a lifetime opportunity with nothing to lose.

All the music made me feel quite creative, so I think I’ll end with a little ditty of my own:

With a musical spirit
I thought we’d make it
we had the body and mind
sung our troubles behind
more adventures to come
maybe somebody’s gonna drum.


Bonzo Banishes Bagpipes Bafflement

The Ashes Urn

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Walk this way
Kingscote sway
me and Angry
down the beach
until out of reach
of the neighbours
and hard labours.

Elle saw us coming and rushed off the beach to meet us.  She said she’d been worried about me and was glad to see me back in one piece.

I replied that I was already only one half, remembering my green other ‘arf, but I was indeed still in one half piece.

Elle chuckled and said, ‘Well, if you’re going to be pedantic, it’s good to see all your grey self again.  I would love to meet your green other ‘arf one day, and you all together as one greenygrey, but I’ve only known you as Grey.’

‘Thank you kind Elle’, I replied, ‘I should have been more understanding, and especially at this joyous moment, and I do dearly wish that one day you will meet me as one half of the complete Greenygrey.’

Then one of the little penguins recognised Bonzo’s travel companions and let him know.  Bonzo quickly lay down the bagpipes and sprinted over, looking very excited.

I introduced Angry to the others once everything had settled down, and asked how things had been going here.

They said everything had been wonderful, and they’d been shown great hospitality by King Scote and all the others.

I asked Bonzo what all the noise was about, and he said that the little penguins had enjoyed playing the new sport of AusRuIcket he’d taught them that they’d presented them to him.  They’d also burnt another set, and would play a tournament for them every year called the ARIshes.

I asked where the penguins had got the bagpipes from, and Bonzo said that it was like me: a bit of a grey area that went back a long time.

But little penguin legend said that they were brought over by a Rockhopper a long time ago.  They also provided the Bonz with a video to practise with:

Thanks to Big Robbo at MamasFallenAngels for inspiring the idea to put this video here, after he put it up on the site just after I’d done the last blog with Bonzo first playing the bagpipes.

Hiking Angry gives Inkling of Discography Illuminosity

Cover of "Scarred For Life"

Cover of Scarred For Life

As we walked back to meet the others we saw an Assault and Battery, and it inspired Angry to sing that it felt good to be Out Of This Place, but he intended to heed All The Lessons he’d learnt, and as for any pent-up feelings: he’d just Let It Go.

I said that was probably a good attitude, as otherwise he could be Scarred For Life, and that inspired Angry to sing that he had a feeling It’s Gonna Work Itself Out, and if we’re not bothered Who’s Got The Cash We Can’t Be Beaten.

By the time we approached King Scote and the others I felt I’d got to know Angry and his background quite well, and thought that it’d be great to have him join us on our ozramble.

The first sound that reached our lugs was that of bagpipes, and I was shocked to find that it was none other than Bonzo who was playing them.

I couldn’t wait to find out the story behind that…

Angry Talks Lyrically with Grey and Agrees to go Away


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Following Angry’s explanation for his name I continued in deep conversation with him at the Neighbours wedding on Ramsay Street.

I asked Angry if he enjoyed living on Ramsay Street.  He said the neighbours were quite nice, but he didn’t really feel like he fitted in that well.  He’d seen a fight between the Butcher and Fast Eddy when he was young, and it had made him into a bit of a rock n’ roll outlaw.

Then he’d become one of the boys, and nice boys don’t rock n’ roll, so he’d been a bad boy for love.

I suggested a remedy to his restlessness: that he could come along and tramp with us, as we were a pretty motley crue, apart from Elle, who was quite fine.

Angry thought it was a bonzer idea.  I misunderstood him at first and said it was my idea not Bonzo’s, but Angry calmly pointed out that bonzer is Aussie slang for great.  I apologised, and put it down to the cultural divide.

We left Ramsay Street to rejoin our travel companions.

Grey Meets the Angry Neighbours on Ramsay Street

Leave No Trace logo

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I eventually hauled my sun-kissed furry ass
off the sun-soaked golden sandy mattress,
strolling away from my paradise resting place
I wombled along freely to leave no trace.

Meeting the Neighbours and Angry

Leaving the beach, I took one last look before heading into town.  The first road I reached was Ramsay Street.  And there was a wedding going on.

As I walked along minding my own business a resident who introduced himself as Harold said they needed somebody to dull the day somewhat, as it was too bright and sunny.

I said that I’d be happy to oblige.

Grey in the Neighbours Wedding

So I joined the wedding, and added a nice little touch of dullness to balance the light.  Everybody said I did a good job, and the married couple, Charlene and Scott, invited me for drinks afterwards.

I suddenly got talking to a bloke with a rose tattoo there.  He’d suddenly burst into song at the wedding. He suddenly introduced himself as Angry.  I asked why he was called that, and he said that people suddenly started saying he had no mind when he got tattoos.

Rocking it at the Rock-It Festival in Perth, West Australia


Sancho and Don said they were off to the Rock-It festival in Perth, and invited me along, and I didn’t need a second invite. I felt like I needed a bit of fun after a tough time in Latham, and they seemed to be in the same situation having just escaped Cervantes. 

Rock-It Festival in Perth  

We had a bit of a tough time finding the Joondalup area where Rock-It is held, and had to do a bit of a loop around the neck of the Swan River. 

Black Swan on the Swan River, Perth Western Au...

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However, once we were there it was great. It was a really relaxing and fun atmosphere, and really rocked. 

Airbourne played a storming opening set, Rose Tattoo played a great slide guitar fuelled bluesy show, and Bon Scott era AC/DC just ripped the place up with a headlining bad boy boogie act that just oozed rock n’ roll. 

Cover of "Let There Be Rock"

Cover of Let There Be Rock


Relaxing on Rotto: Rottnest Island 

We were rather hot and sweaty after the show, so we headed out to Rottnest Island, or Rotto as it is known locally. 

A stitched panorama of a rainbow over Thomson ...

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There was certainly nothing rotten about it, and we enjoyed the beautiful beaches on the traffic free island. 

We were joined by some quirky quokkas: animals that are to kangaroos what greenygreys are to werewolves. They were lots of fun, and provided great company before we fell asleep under the rising sun.