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Battle of Bri’s bane: Will a Hat-trick be Enough for Rain

Deutsch: Neuartige Waldschäden („Waldsterben“)...

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Battle of Bri’s Bane Epic Trilogy Poem 2

The COG commandos lost legions
fur and skin torn to lesions
rolling back down the slope in heroic death
Chinchillas of Goya drawing their last breath.

I reached the top after an hour of struggle
and saw Bri’s bane officers in a huddle
Emily and Brian were flying a pincer attack
Emerald from the front, Baggy from back.

My travel companions and I rushed to help
an arrow glanced Aussie and it gave out a yelp
we continued on through a battlefield royal
the chinchillas and allies staying loyal.

As Brian and Emily approached Bri’s bane
the huddle suddenly opened into acid rain
seeming to scent Brian it turned sharply
and flew screeching like a demented harpy.

I shapeshifted into a wolf and raced to Brian
distracting Bri’s bane rain as Emily leapt like a lion
Brian jumped for joy as the hats converged
soaking up the acid rain until it was purged.


Snakes and Ladderless Holes for Snaggin Smiggin

Viktor Vasnetsov. Alenushka.1881 Oil on canvas...

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Just as I prepared myself for a long fall into a deep chasm, the hole suddenly moved to the left, and I fell head first into a muddy puddle.  I didn’t even have my emerald cork hat on to cushion my fall!

Smiggin Holes is Down in a Hole

When I’d cleared my view and sat up, I saw that the hole had moved under where Smiggin had stood and the holiculturist was nowhere to be seen.

Cathy was sitting by the side of the hole, and I joined her along with our other travel companions.

Smiggin was sitting at the bottom of the hole it had itself created; looking disconsolate but still clutching some of its green hoard.

Cathy Keeps Quiet about Snagging Smiggin

We left the hole and I asked Cathy how she’d turned the hat into a snake and moved the hole.

She said that we all have our own special powers, and they wouldn’t be special if everybody knew about them.

Being a shape-shifting, chameleonic one-half of a legendary vegetarian werewolf I just had to agree with her, and left it at that.