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Solo Traveller Once Again, like when it all Began

Tasman Sea

Image by thegaventas via Flickr

So my epic journey had really ended, and all was well. The Great Dame of Oz left to go on a world tour, so Angry, Elle and Cathy were going to stay in the mansion indefinitely. I’m sure they had bright Emerald futures ahead of them; now they had regained their body, mind and spirit confidence.


Once More unto the Sea


I knew I could return to the Greenygrey world now, but felt there was something else I needed to do. I thought I should visit the Tasman Sea one last time.

So I said cheerio to everybody and everything in Emerald. There were especially long farewells with my three long-term travel companions and my favourite Oz hat couple. Then it was time to go solo once more; returning to my status upon arrival in Oz.


I shapeshifted into a bird of paradise,
and set off once more for the seaside.

I flew with the wind to the east,
for an hour and a half at least,
arriving at the sea over
Deception Bay,
I thought there must be another way,
so I headed south and landed next to a jay,
in a place I liked the sound of: Bramble Bay.

I asked the jay, whose name was Jay,
whether it had seen anything untoward astray.
Jay said nothing unusual had happened all day.


Seeing a Sea Commotion


Everything did seem absolutely normal, and I began to wonder if I’d wasted my time making this diversion. But then:

I saw a commotion out at sea
and wondered what it might be.


The commotion was not only there; it was approaching the beach at a phenomenal speed. I asked Jay if it could see it. It said yes, it could.

I wondered what it could be: Was it more acid-rain? Could it be the MoMo East returning from the deep? Or was it Smiggin Holes escaped from its deep hole? Was there one more test I had to put my exhausted bird-brain through?

The commotion reached the shallows. I could now make out a head and arms. I thought I recognised who it was… but surely it couldn’t be… could it?

It continued swimming to the shallows, and then emerged onto the beach.


Green and Grey Separate Again Until Another Day

Vera Dua

When we calmed down after all the action and excitement we cooked up a Bass Strait brunch, and discussed the previous day or two’s exciting events.

Bonzo said he’d been asleep and missed all the hullabaloo.  Elle said Angry’d had the idea for her to shoot up and grab the captain around the neck, and it was good to see that Angry was using his mind, and Elle her body.

We all hoped Mild Monotheist Moby would survive the deadly duel with the captain, which was of course really the surviving Monotonous Monotheist.  We wondered if we would see them again on our journey.

After a joyous meal under the big ocean sky, where the rest of our travel entourage got to meet the Greenygrey, we unfortunately announced that we would be parting again.

Blighty needed Green, and we felt that Grey should finish this journey on its own.

It had been a fantastic reunion, and I (Grey) felt reinvigorated for the adventures to come.

Moreover, Green had been able to tell me that the Grand Council had fled to Saturn, and Britain was missing me because of the drought.

We parted again, and Green shape-shifted into an albatross for the long journey back to the Greenygrey world.

We all climbed up to the top of the mast to wave it off and wish it luck, singing Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…’

Green albatross looked back as it reached the horizon, did a roll and tipped its wings, before disappearing from view into the azure.