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Werewolf Poetry as Travellers Leave Shire

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Port Fairy and the Cathy spirit seemed to work wonders on the MM Moby, and it soon returned to health.  It also looked relieved of stress, which probably resulted from it feeling it no longer had to battle its monotonous nemesis…at least for now.

Helping MM Moby also seemed to revive Cathy, and she looked much more spirited afterwards.

Briefing on the Battle of Bass Strait 

MM Moby said he believed that we had won a major victory in our journey around Oz, and that our destination was now in sight.

The addition of the Cathy spirit was also a strengthener that would surely help us ward off any evil intentions from the monotonous monotheist.

We Leave the Shire of Moyne and Say Goodbye to MM Moby

After we’d fully recuperated, and felt well again after the epic battle, we knew it was time to leave Port Fairy and the Shire of Moyne, and also say farewell to MM Moby for now.

MM Moby said he felt we would meet again before our journey’s end, and reminded us to remain aware, as more dangers lay ahead.

Ending on a Werewolf Poem

MM Moby’s final words inspired another of my rambling poems, and I’d like to share it with you to end the blog:

We’re Were Aware

Be aware where you are
Be a were wherever you are?
Be a were and aware.


Poem Story About Sea Storm Beyond Pale Corn

A shivering sail

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Four Sail For Sale 

We set sail for the port of Robe
not far across Oz in terms of globe
as we’d heard there were bargains
in a super market without chagrins
but waves did suddenly rise
in a storm of enormous size
we wondered where it had brewed
fury of the worst bad mood
before it declared its intention
to sink us without hesitation
and leave no trace
of our boat race.

On the Road Again, after leaving Kangaroo Island

Leaving Olbia, leaving Sardinia

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The next morning brought mixed emotions, as we woke with fond memories of the reunion party but also the sad realisation that we would have to leave that day.

Goodbye to King Scote and Kangaroo Island

We had enjoyed a wonderful time on the island, and stayed longer than expected. So we planned on getting an early start and making good progress through the day.

King Scote and all the little penguins were up early for a farewell to friends breakfast buffet on the beach, and it was indeed most enjoyable, eating finely cooked tasty morsels as the sun rose.

But all terrific things must come to an end, and after eating our fill we packed up ready to go.

King Scote said he was sorry to see us leave, and we were welcome back at any time.  He even told Elle that she could be his queen any time she liked.  Elle said she was very flattered and thanked him for his kind words.

The little penguins said it had been great meeting us all, and especially Bonzo, and they would think of him every time they played AusRuIcket.

They waved us off, and the four of us waved back.  The sky seemed to darken around us, while the island was still bright, and we thought that we must have been able to see them after they lost sight of us.  We all hugged each other as they faded into the glow of Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island Marsupial Soft Sand

Hog Bay, Penneshaw

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The dust sandy road led us out to Kangaroo Island, which didn’t seem a logical direction, but MiMo Moby had been proved right up until then, so we thought we should continue following his directions.

King Scote on Kangaroo Island is no Tyrant

We were welcomed on the island by a right regal looking kangaroo.  He introduced himself as King Scote, and said that we were his guests, and that we would want for nothing while on the island.  It seemed incredible at the time, but proved to be anything but literary nonsense.

It was the news we wanted to hear after the tough game we’d just had, and we quickly made ourselves at home on the idyllic island.

Little Penguins of Kingscote  take Bonzo in a Boat

Bonzo made a lot of friends amongst the little penguins.  King Scote said they were the smallest penguins in existence, but had big hearts, and were great companions.

Bonzo relished telling them how he’d scored the third goal for the crows, and they had a friendly game after Bonzo had explained the rules.

They then went around the island in a boat.

King  Scote and Elle Provide Time to Ramble

Meanwhile, King Scote seemed to be a tad smitten with Elle, and seemed to want to spend the most time with her.

So I took the opportunity to have a look around the island, and was very impressed with the amount to do on a relatively small island.

I crossed Little Sahara and the Flinders Chase National Park, before spending a bit of relaxation time in the wonderfully colourful and clean Vivonne Bay.

I had a nice chat with a couple of pelicans called Viv and Yvonne there, before they left to get some food.

I dropped off as the night drew in and the lights went on across the bay, and had a wonderful dream that Green would escape from Grand Council captivity, and we would be reunited before long.

Time Travelling Trio Return to Modern Adelaido

The Old Gum Tree

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We joined in with the crows victory celebrations, and congratulated the redbacks on a great game, and commiserated with them for their narrow defeat.  They didn’t seem too disheartened, and all their team sportively clapped us off using all eight legs.

We changed back into our normal shapes once off the field, and headed over towards where we remembered Theold Gumtree had been.  But as we drew nearer we came to a steep slope we couldn’t recall, and we had to break into a run it was such a decline.  It was also more slippery than it looked, and soon we were sliding and skidding at an ever greater speed.  We tried to stay on our feet as long as possible, but in the end all fell into each other and toppled down the muddy hill like a tangled ball.

We fell for what seemed like an age, and thought we might never stop, but in the end we did begin to slow down, and then Elle brought us to a standstill by grabbing Bonzo and me.  Bonzo turned around to me from her right arm and declared: she’s got balls!

When we got up we saw we were back on the dust sandy road, and as we dusted ourselves off we saw there was just the old gum tree with a historical display where we thought Theold Gumtree had been.

First Half is Such a Laugh…for a Redback Giraffe

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Time had seemed to stand still, as if we were frozen in time, but then we all looked up, and saw the Marauder t-shirts we were wearing.  We seemed to all remember in unison that Black footed Rock Wally B had said they might come in handy in South Australia.  We all looked at each other with a relieved knowing grin, and exclaimed: ‘Of course, crows are birds, and the Marauder t-shirt has a picture of a bird, so the crows will win.’

Betting on Birds for our own Time

We rushed over to Theold Gumtree
and said we’ll wager our timesanity
on crows to beat redbacks
and then we’ll make tracks
back to our own place in history…

The Game is Played after Timewager is Laid

The game started and it was a great spectacle, with thousands of crows and redbacks supporters on each side of the ground cheering on their teams.  The biggest contingent of redbacks supporters seemed to be giraffes, while most crows fans were llamas.

The redbacks took an early lead when Redgrave buried the ball between the posts.  They soon extended their lead through Reddin, which created a cacophony of noise from the redback end.  Just before half-time, Redburn seemed to fan the flames of our misfortunes when it extended the redbacks lead.

Will Grey Save the Crow Day?

We almost thought all was lost, but I thought I spotted a weakness in the redbacks defence: that they were open to attack from above, and that the crows should use their aerial prowess to their advantage, instead of playing it on the ground.

And at almost the same time I remembered my ability to shape-shift, and told the others I was off to join the Crows.  They wished me luck, after reminding me our place in time rested on my performance.

So I shape-shifted into a crow, and flew down to the pitch.

I squawked my views on second-half play,
told them it was vital to our right of way,
and volunteered as shape-shift Crow Grey,
to join the all-engrossing sporting fray.

They accepted my offer and I lined up for the second half…

Opal That Escaped the Trade Points Way to Adelaide

Opal :: Locality: Coober Pedy, Coober Pedy - E...

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We travelled west for what seemed like an age,
but it wasn’t like we were trapped in a cage,
the vast distances of the outback  stretched out,
and we were totally free to go walkabout,
but it was also nice to just sit back and relax,
observing stars dancing on water to the max,
as we passed Lake Cadibarrawirracanna,
the second longest official name in Oztralia.

Quorn Lunch at Quorn

After passing Lake Cadibarrawirracanna we headed south.  We avoided Coober Pedy, as it sounded underground and troublesome, and instead headed down to Quorn for lunch.

They dished up some nice non-meat dishes there, such as fillets, sausages and grills.  Wesgrey, Jane and Barkatowt were so full they decided to stay to sleep it off, so we bade them farewell and continued on foot and paw.

Theold Gumtree at The Old Gumtree

We were going to visit Whyalla,
but we asked a few people directions,
and they didn’t seem to have a clear answer.

We were a bit stumped, but then we saw a giant greenygrey looking opal, which must have escaped from the opal trade.  It seemed to be pointing in a direction, so we followed it, and lo and behold we soon arrived in Adelaide.

However, just as we felt our luck was in, a sudden blast of time sent us back to the founding of South Australia at The Old Gum Tree.

A weird-looking game was going on in a field alongside the old gum tree.  It looked like a mixture of Australian rules and cricket.

As we walked around the field we came across a cane toad taking bets on the game, which we saw was between teams of Crows and Redbacks.

When it saw us it introduced itself as Theold Gumtree.  We told it our predicament, and it said that if we could guess the winner of the game we would be able to return to our time.

We got in a huddle
and a bit of a muddle,
trying to work out a preamble
so we could finish our ramble.

South Australia in the Back of a Trailer

up in the air. simpson desert 10

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Black footed Rock Wally B gave us a Marauder t-shirt each before we left, and said it might come in handy in South Australia.

South Australia Sunshine

After exiting the Rainbow Valley we were met by Homer and Marge, and knew we’d reached the Simpson Desert.

We looked back, and saw a Rainbow Rising again.  It had taken a while, but we’d avoided the ghangiant with the help of Heath Goanna, and safely made it to South Australia.

It had been a great experience to be amongst all the colours for an extended period of time, but it was also nice to be outside it again now, and to make out all the colours that make it whole.

Simpson Desert, South Australia

Homer had the jeep with him, so we all jumped in the back.  Marge was in the front, and they hadn’t brought the kids, so there was plenty of room.

It was probably a good job they didn’t bring Santa’s Little Helper, as I don’t know how it’d have got on with Bonzo, who thinks it’s a Dog Eat Dog world.

It was nice to be in the hot dry totally clear sunshine after our time in the Rainbow Valley.  I thought it may be a bit troublesome crossing the Simpson Desert with the Simpsons, but we passed from Birdsville, which was a delight, to Mount Dare, which was a little challenging, without a hitch.

Lake Eyre, South Australia

The Simpsons took us as far as Lake Eyre.  We thought we’d have to make our own way from there, but they’d arranged for some of their friends to pick us up in their trailer.

So we jumped in and had a great time travelling south-west from Lake Eyre.  I really bonded with Wesgrey, a Western Grey Kangaroo; Elle really got on well with Jane, a Lake Eyre Dragon; and Bonzo had a dog’s life with a Barking Owl called Barkatowt.

The landscape even looked greenygrey at times.

Knowing Me, Knowing You, Abba is the best I can do

The Ghan

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We woke up a bit worse for wear in the morning; well, at least Bonzo and I did.  We felt a bit better after Elle cooked us up a veggie brekkie on the rekindled bush telly.

Knowing Me, Knowing Hugh, Leaving is Never Easy 

We called in the Hugh’s Who
before leaving Hugh, 
Heath Goanna was in there
having a morning brew.

We joined him for a drink
and  told him we were heading south,
but an anxious look crossed his face
and he put his hand to his mouth. 

The Poetry Must Stop

He thought for a moment, and the suspense was killing us.  He must have sensed that, and said there’s a time for rhyme and a time for straight talking. 

Then he told us that we would have to get past the ghangiant to leave the Northern Territory and cross the border into South Australia.

We had been warned about the ghangiant before by Alice, in the festival wonderland, so a frisson of trepidation ran down my back.

But Heath said we’d be alright if we travelled through the Rainbow Valley, and found Black Footed Rock Wally B, as it had the knowledge needed to traverse the ghangiant, and enter the South. 

Heath said he thought he’d reached the border one time, but it just seemed to go on endlessly, and in the end he had to turn back.