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Angry Bonzo Rock Geelong with Were Song

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We left Port Fairy just as the sun was rising, giving it a magical luminosity.  We passed through Kirkstall before flying through Hawkesdale, and then down to Simpson.  I thought our ol’ friends the Simpsons might make an appearance there, but there was no sign of them.

Spirit of Running

Cathy led the pace along the south coast, and we all tried to keep up.  Her spirits seemed to be lifting as she sped along at a brisk pace.  We stopped for tea at a hotel called Fawlty Towers in Torquay.  It reminded me of the hotel we stayed in during our time on the wonderful island of  Tasmania.

The owner, who introduced himself as Mr. Fawlty, the most popular comedy character ever according to Channel Four in the UK.

He seemed quite proud of himself then, but it didn’t last long, as I asked for a werewolf salad, and he didn’t seem to know how to make one.  I told him it was similar to a Waldorf salad, and he seemed to work it out then.

We enjoyed the south coast snack.

Geelong is GGood for a Sing-Song 

We headed north-east then to Geelong, which reminded me of Green and me when we are together, because our initials are a sort of long gee: a GG.

We found a nice tavern on Corio Bay, which was so nice Bonzo exclaimed cor.

Angry Bonzo got up on stage for their first performance in a while, and the rest of us had a nice time listening to their fine tunes.

They wrote one song inspired by my recent werewolf poem, and the chorus went something like this:

Be Wary of Berries but not Wereies

Be wary?
Aware of bees?
Bears or berries?
No, be a were.


Green Beach is Breached with Decorum by Dec O’ Rum

Tasmania from space

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We reached the beach and collapsed on the sand, fatigued from our rapid poetic journey through central Tasmania and shock upon reaching Green Beach.

Green Beach Falls into Ghostly Hush

We’d hoped that Green Beach would be lusciously welcoming, but now it seemed devoid of spirit, and eerily silent.

Waves of lime lapped the silent shore, and we huddled together as warmth waned like the early morning hours after a winter’s wake.

Dec O’ Rum Provides a Lift with some Decorum

Just as it was getting so grim we thought the reaper may appear, we heard a loud voice reach us from across the sea.

‘Ahoy, me hearties’ would you like a lift to the mainland, I’m on my way to Victoria, and I need a few more deck hands on board for the treacherous voyage over stormy seas.’

It seemed like great timing, and we soon made our way out to the boat.  As we boarded we were met by a rum swigging sailor who looked like he was fond of a drink, with the deck full of rum barrels.

However, he still retained a sense of decorum, as he introduced himself as Captain Dec O’ Rum.

Beyond the Land of Cheese Wolfram is King

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Bart threw us off at Kempton, and to tell you the truth we were glad to have escaped that ride.  We thanked the horses for the lift, and raced ahead to the north.  We didn’t know it at the time, but I realised Hobart was probably going to be the most southerly point of this journey.

Melton Mowbray is Cheesy Delicious

We stopped for a stilton cheese surprise lunch in Melton Mowbray, with the surprise being that there was only cheese included.  It was very nice though, and we can’t complain, although to call cheese solo a surprise is a bit cheesy.

King Wolfram is a Grey Tonic

The dust sandy road seemed to take on a greyish appearance after Melton Mowbray, and Angry told us it was because Wolfram was king here.

I thought it might be literary nonsense, and was shocked that something grey and wolfish could be king.  I later became flabbergasted when I saw that it could even look good when the sun lit it up.

Angry’s agony auntish information had helped make me feel happy.  My grey hair also brightened up, and one almost became green.

Is Taz-mania Tazored Tasmania?

Taz-Mania (video game)

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Taz-mania is a Fantasia

For one week we tasted Tazzy
from the basic to the snazzy
we met Taz’s funtastic family
Hugh, Jean, Jake and Molly
Constance Koala kept us clean
and Dog the Turtle busy as a bean
Didgeri Dingo wasn’t as much fun
and Willie Wombat has a lot to learn
but when it came time for us to leave
Taz had another surprise up his sleeve
presenting us with a ticket to Hobart
which gave our journey a great start.

Travelling Tasmania is a Fawlty Fantasia

Cradle Mountain covered with could and Dove la...

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It had looked rocky approaching Marrawah, which brought out a rendition of Let There be Rock from Bonzo and Angry.  I wasn’t too keen on the rocky surface, and was glad when Taz, Baz and Caz took us up in a perfect storm and landed us safely on the Tasmanian terra firma.

Travelling to Taz-mania couldn’t be Easier

After partaking in a latte in Port Latta, we carried on to Penguin, where Bonzo brushed up on his Penguinese.

They had a different dialect here to Kangaroo Island, but Bonzo could make himself understood.

We then headed south over Cradle Mountain, which was very beautiful, and reminded me of home as the cloud drifted in, so it felt nice and comforting.

Arriving in Taz-mania reminds me of Tor-crazier

It was so comfortable I dropped off to sleep, and when I awoke we had arrived in Taz-mania.

Taz said he had a full house, but we could stay at the Hotel Taz-mania, which was owned by Taz’s boss, Bushwhacker Bob.

He was a little grouchy,
but no Basil Fawlty,
Sybil must’ve been off her trolley
the Towers was a folly,
even if Manuel was jolly,
and then there was pretty Polly,
oh, don’t get me gossipy
about my ramble in sunny Torquay.

After unpacking we went down to the bar, and met some of the locals.  I got on great with Wendell T. Wolf, who was very friendly.

Poetry Voyage with a Smile but no Sausage

Near Marrawah, NW Tasmania

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King Island to Tasmania 

We tried to set sail from Disappointment Bay
but thunderous waves sent us astray
feeling like a ship of fools without a winner
we came across a nice crag called Lavinia
who showed us the way to Cowper Point
and directions on to The Blowhole joint
where we partied for a little while
before getting blown out with a smile
and enough knots to reach Tasmania
landing somewhere near Marrawah.

King Island has Surprising Amount of Interest

Currie, Tasmania harbour on King Island in Tas...

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Boatry Poetry is a Form of Libertree

Row, row, row the waves
surfaces of Davy Jones’ graves
we could sit back and relax
as roaring forties cut us some slacks
not trousers to wear
but no rowing despair
as the wind behaved as it should
you know they say ‘well, it would’
sailing us towards Tasmania
I don’t know how to explain to ya’
we just sat back and played cards
as the boat ate up the salt yards
it wasn’t long til we reached King Island
where we ate a Pearshape Egg Lagoon Currie by hand
it was a shock to see a Sea Elephant in Surprise Bay
but it was a fitting finale to a Bungar(gl)ee day.

Taz-Mania is a Saviour and Storm Abater

Tazzy devil

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Taz-tastic Treat for Two Times Two

For two days the storm did blow
waves and spray like driven snow
we did our best to hold on tight
two to the left and brace to right
barracuda and tuna did fly past
as if fleeing from a deep line cast
we began to fear all was surely lost
seeing a storm from a distant coast
approach at an incredible speed
we thought that’s all we need
but when it reached us it repelled
the other storm and with sea quelled
the new spinning fury did land on deck
and when it calmed above the neck
we could clearly see it was cartoon Taz
along with its friends, Baz and Caz.