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Travelling Across the Australia Outback Without Pack, Sack or Bivouac


After awakening into a bright sunny morning I again heard the haunting barking lullabies that seemed to be sailing across the waves and straight down my lugholes.

So after a freshening swim I bade farewell to delightful Dolly and the dolphins and made my way to the golden shore.

Smell or Sound, Hot Cross Buns or Hound

My senses were thrown into chaos when I reached the shore just south of Bunbury.

From the northerly direction I was heading came the pungent smell of freshly made hot cross buns, but to the east I heard the lyrical libretto lullaby that sounded like it could be a lapdog and labrador rendition of Les Miserables.

This time my curiosity called the path, and I made a scramble to ramble despite my belly grumbling and a rumbling.

Hiking Australia: Walkie for Collie

I took my time as I headed across the South Western Highway, enjoying the endless sunshine that seemed to stretch across the outback.

I saw a tiger snake going in the opposite direction and it reminded me of Ernie the floor rider in Florida that Green and I made the acquaintance of back on our epic ramble.

There was no communication with the snake this time though, and the barking of dogs from over the eastern horizon was the only sound that pierced the 360 degree silence.

Then I saw a sign for Collie, and everything seemed to start making sense…or did it?