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North Victoria Travel Fantasy is a Blast, You’ll See

Brassey Square, a park in Eaglehawk, Victoria

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North Victoria Doesn’t Slow Ya

We made sizzling progress in the morning
eating up the miles from the day’s dawning
flat out for hours, apart from the sharp bends
by noon we’d reached Kangaroo Flat north ends
but skipped straight through to meet an LA seagull
at California Gully, and flew from there to Eaglehawk
before passing by Terrick Terrick, which could’ve been
named after Terrence Malick we kinda thought.
We climbed Pyramid Hill, before stopping at the Kow Swamp
when we were in desperately in need of  a Wee Wee Rup
and then it was north-west to Kerang
which reminded us of a Heavy Metal magazine
which went by the name of Kerrang.