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Bonzo Scottie Joins up with Grey on the Highway to Lancelin

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I said goodbye to my new friends in the morning, and headed up the highway.  I hadn’t gone far when I saw a ghostly dog apparition hitch-hiking on the side of the road.  

So I stopped, and asked if they were okay.  The ghostly dog introduced itself as Bonzo Scottie, and asked if this was the Highway to Hell.  I replied that I thought it must be lost, as this was the highway to Lancelin, which didn’t seem to have much resemblance to Hell from the photos I’d seen.  

Poor Bonzo seemed upset, like he had the downpayment blues, and said that he thought he’d been stripped of his soul, and thought he might find it in Hell, which isn’t supposed to be a bad place to be.  I said I thought Hell was a funny place to look for it, and that I didn’t think it was up ahead, but that he was quite welcome to ride on with me.  

Bonzo seemed to cheer up then, and we reached Lancelin in no time at all.  We got talking to a sea lion called Celia Ono there, and she said we should try the windsurfing, dune buggying and sandboarding that were very popular on the pristine beaches.  

We didn’t need much arm twisting, and had a great afternoon and evening enjoying the beach sports.  Celia had great balance, and I had to laugh when Bonzo exclaimed that the girl’s got rhythm.